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Agriculture machinery cardan half shaft: the new era of factory

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Agriculture machinery cardan half shaft: the new era of factory

In the current period of intelligent high-speed development, more and more items in people's lives are beginning to be intelligent; in fact, we do not know that the original thought that the factory is dirty, old, oil concept, its completion in the development of intelligence also broke out a big change.

Intelligent, in the transformation of our daily life at the same time, also transformed the factory of the enterprise, in the period of industry 4.0, more and more enterprises will be intelligent factory up, next let's understand how the implementation of intelligent factory.

1. Smart factories have three main features

Ø The information infrastructure is highly interconnected, including consumer devices, robots, operators, materials and waste products.

Ø There is a real-time system that can stop information transmission and docking in time.

Ø From flexibility, flexibility, intelligence to information, this is the development trend of smart factory. At each stage, the adjustment of flexibility to the environment can complete the needs of different products, complete many kinds of small batch consumption, and control the cost soaring problem caused by this personalized consumption.

In Industry 3.0, the bottom processing unit of a factory consisted of three links: sensors (equivalent to eyes), programmable logic controllers (PLC), equivalent to brains, and actuators (equivalent to hands and feet). On the upper level of the processing unit is the workshop, where the main consumption process execution management system (MES), to put it plainly, this system serves as the task to get, and stop the assignment of tasks. On top of that, there are Enterprise Resource Solution (ERP) systems, product lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, supply chain management (SCM) systems and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Among them, ERP is responsible for the harmonious allocation of internal resources, PLM is responsible for the "management" of products from development to obsolescence, SCM is responsible for the connection between enterprise resources and the outside, and CRM is responsible for promoting the communication between enterprises and consumers.

2. The above technologies are all existing technologies in Industry 3.0, but Industry 4.0 puts forward new requirements for them.u joint axle shaft manufacturer - Xinsanming

One is to become smarter and more responsive. For example, a future PLM system will be able to track the use of a car, analyze its consumption, wear and tear data, and finally "decide" whether it should be completely scrapped or "organ transplant" -- recycling useful old parts -- when it is nearing the end of its useful life.

In addition, Industry 4.0 requires the technology to become more and more integrated, that is, the above systems to complete the horizontal and vertical integration, so as to complete the more intelligent. The picture of intelligent consumption is as follows: all links from product design to manufacturing are opened up. Design data of PLM is directly entered into ERP system, which immediately allocates factory resources. If external supply is needed, the SCM system automatically allocates resources. With the help of CRM system, the whole consumption process can adhere to real-time communication with customers. For example, customers can stop adjusting the consumption line immediately when they see that the product is not suitable for their taste through video.

3. Industry 4.0 means smart factories that can run, connect and stop talking to machines themselves.

Products and equipment can communicate with each other, so Germans define industry 4.0 as "machine making machine", every machine is alive, the factory is more and more like a person, there is a difference between IQ. With the progress of the "IQ" of the factory, its intelligence level is higher and higher.

Smart factory is a new generation of highly efficient factory, it means that the consumer has entered a new period of plant, the warp and woof of his to digital factory, through the Internet of things technology, equipment monitoring technology to enhance information management and service, and control of production process, consumption process control, reduce the consumption of the online manual intervention, instant a precise line consumption data, With reasonable arrangement of consumption plan and consumption schedule, and through the application of green smart wrist and intelligent system and other emerging technologies, evolved into a high-efficiency, energy-saving, green environmental protection, environmental warmth and humanized factory.

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