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Analysis of the development trend of auto parts industry

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A. Industry characteristics

1. Industry periodicity

As the middle reaches of the automotive industry chain, there is a close linkage between the auto parts industry and thebest single single universal joint shaft - Xinsanming automobile industry, and the automobile industry is closely related to the development of the national economy. Therefore, the automobile intake system industry is affected by the fluctuation of the national economy cycle and the fluctuation of the downstream vehicle industry and has a certain periodicity. The macro economy is in the upward stage, the automobile industry develops rapidly, the automobile production and sales increase, driving the automobile intake system production and sales increase; On the contrary, with the decline of the macro economy, the development of the automobile industry slows down, the growth of automobile consumption slows down, thus affecting the production and sales of the automobile intake system industry.

Some enterprises in the industry with small scale and no customers of well-known automobile OEMS are greatly affected by macroeconomic fluctuations. The market performance of enterprises with large scale and large customers with well-known brands is relatively stable.

2. Industry region

Auto parts industry has certain regional characteristics. Because the auto parts industry is mainly oriented to the whole vehicle market, the development of China's and even the world's auto industry has shown a centralized and large-scale industry development trend.

In the process of development, China's auto parts industry has gradually formed six industrial clusters centering on OEMS: Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta industrial cluster industry cluster, the northeast industrial cluster, beijing-tianjin-hebei industry cluster, (hubei, anhui, hunan) industrial cluster in central and southwest (chongqing, sichuan) industry cluster, the six major industrial cluster of auto parts main business income of the country's auto parts industry for most of the main business income, occupies the dominant position.

3. Industry seasonality

The seasonality of the auto parts industry is basically the same as that of the auto industry. Since the production and sales of automobiles have no obvious seasonal characteristics except those affected by holidays such as the Spring Festival, auto parts enterprises generally arrange production and sales in a balanced way throughout the year according to the demand of the downstream auto industry. Therefore, the intake system industry, as one of the auto parts subsectors, does not have obvious seasonal characteristics.

B. The technical level and characteristics of the industry

1. The technical level of the industry

Due to the late start of China's auto parts industry, for a period of time, there has been insufficient investment in technology research and development in the industry. Most domestic enterprises do not have basic development, synchronous development, system development and advanced development capabilities, and the overall technical strength is weak, and there is a certain gap with the international well-known parts leading enterprises.

After years of development, some earlier due to enter the industry, leading enterprises in the research and development and sync with large vehicle manufacturers long-term cooperation in the process of gradually accumulated a lot of technology and rich experience in development, and have the ability on r&d investment, thus in such aspects as product quality, technology have been able to reach the level of foreign insurance companies. Some enterprises have a strong technical level and synchronous development, large-scale production capacity, successfully into the supply chain system of independent brand automobile manufacturers.

2. Technical characteristics of the industry

Strict process requirements

Main products are auto parts production process involved more process link, so advanced and mature technology is the key to ensure product quality and product consistency, and improve production efficiency, reduce waste and the effective measure to control costs, and scientific and mature manufacturing process needs to fumble enterprise after many years of technology and the accumulation of experience, training form and in the production practice.

Synchronous development requires high innovation ability

With downstream market demand increasingly diverse, product life cycle gradually shortened, industrial policy constantly, OEMS in order to adapt to the adjustment of industrial policy and rapid changes of the terminal consumer market demand, new models gradually shorten the development cycle, the system integrity, fast response to new product research and development put forward higher request, Therefore, the synchronous development and innovation ability of spare parts enterprises are highly required.

3. Adverse factors affecting the development of the industry

Domestic high-end talents are still unable to match the needs of enterprises

The auto parts manufacturing industry is characterized by intensive knowledge and technology, which requires high-end talents in product synchronous development, production process, experimental testing and other aspects to ensure the supporting needs of OEMS. However, there is a shortage of high-end talents that can meet the needs of enterprises in China, especially CAE analysis and NVH analysis and verification talents. Related talents still mainly rely on internal cultivation of enterprises, which has a certain impact on the development of the industry.

The development of new energy vehicles will have a certain impact on the industry

In recent years, in order to deal with increasingly severe environmental problems, countries around the world vigorously promote the development of new energy vehicle industry, China's new energy vehicle rapid growth. According to the Energy Saving and New energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap, the annual sales of new energy vehicles will account for more than 15% by 2025. At present, new energy vehicles have low battery energy density, insufficient endurance and other technical bottlenecks, internal combustion engine as the mainstream power machinery status is still unshakable, but electric vehicles battery and motor as power source, there is no air intake system and carbon tank, the long-term development of electric vehicles will have a certain impact on the industry.

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