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Analysis on the status quo of supporting mode of domestic automobile

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In industrially developed countries, car production accounts for more than 70% of the total output of cars. The supporting modecentered cardan half shaft cost - Xinsanming of car production represents the supporting mode of car production. At present, China's car output is only 1.2 million, and accounting for about 35% of the total car production, according to international standards, before the reform and opening up, China basically has no perfect car production supporting system. After the reform and opening up, through the joint venture with foreign famous automobile manufacturing enterprises, the introduction of car complete vehicle and parts production technology, initially established and improved the car production system.

1. Supporting mode of Shanghai automobile

Before liberation in Shanghai, there were a few small auto parts factories that produced and repaired parts. After liberation, a relatively backward production way to produce a small number of "Shanghai brand" cars, there is no perfect car supporting system. As the earliest joint venture of car production in China, Shanghai-Volkswagen Was supported by the National "Localization Development Fund" in the early stage, and cultivated a number of professional spare parts manufacturers with a certain production scale. The development of related industries is basically synchronized with the automobile manufacturing industry.

In 1980, the number of automobile parts suppliers of SAIC group was 150, but in 1997, the number increased to 276, including more than 60 foreign companies, and more than 120 enterprises introduced advanced production technology. These enterprises spread across 17 provinces and cities in China, among which 64% are in Shanghai and 25.4% are in coastal areas (Beijing, Jiang and Zhejiang). Seven provinces and cities (Sichuan, Shaanxi, Kyrgyzstan, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui and Guizhou) account for 10.6% of the total. In the late 1980s, because the OEMS required "immediate supply", the mainland factories have set up factories in Shanghai. In 1988, the supply factories in Shanghai accounted for 54.2%, and reached 64.1% in 1997, basically meeting the needs of domestic car production, and there is a small amount of export.

Now, these parts manufacturing enterprises not only support Shanghai-Volkswagen, but also "FAW-Volkswagen", "Shanghai-GM" and other automobile manufacturing enterprises, breaking the old mode of supporting mainly by enterprises within the group. At present, there are 132 parts factories supporting Shanghai Volkswagen, among which there are 59 in Shanghai. Parts manufacturing enterprises are independent of vehicle manufacturing enterprises and form supporting relationships through order contracts. Although some of the parts manufacturing enterprises are invested by Shanghai Automotive Industry Group and joint ventures with foreign enterprises, Shanghai Automotive Industry Group is the investor of both the whole vehicle manufacturing enterprises and the parts manufacturing enterprises. In a sense, the matching relationship is a bit like "intra-group matching". However, because its parts manufacturing enterprises support both internal and external enterprises of the group, it is closer to the "sub-integration" mode.

2. Supporting mode of FAW Group Co., LTD

FAW is China's earliest established in accordance with the Soviet Union's all-purpose factory "large and complete" way of construction of truck manufacturers. Mainly "internal supporting", parts production is carried out in the form of "branch factory" in the enterprise, only a few parts from the external supporting. Before the reform and opening up, produced a small number of "Red Flag" brand senior cars, there is no perfect car supporting system. In 1998, FAW will be independent parts of the plant, the establishment of Component Company. The new company and OEMS become a strategic partnership of "cost sharing and benefit sharing”:

Operation within the group, subordinate to the manufacturing company;

The supporting system is dominated by the automobile factory;

These enterprises not only supply FAW affiliated enterprises, but also strive to supply other companies.

At present, FAW Group has formed an enterprise group with vehicle production plants as the core, 12 core parts enterprises as the second ring, 38 backbone enterprises as the third ring, and more than 100 cooperative enterprises as the fourth ring. From the form, this kind of structural form is close to "integration" supporting mode.

3. Supporting mode of  DongFeng Motor Company

The second automobile factory (now DongFeng Motor Company) is also a truck factory built in accordance with the way of the all-powerful factory. Parts and components are mainly "internal supporting", and production is carried out in the "branch factory" inside the enterprise. In 2000, DongFeng Motor Company separated auto parts production and established an independent auto parts company. In September 2002, DongFeng Motor Company and Nissan Motor Company jointly established "DongFeng Motor Co., LTD.". As an opportunity, DongFeng Motor Company’s spare parts production supporting, will enter Nissan's global procurement system. Its supporting model will also be influenced by the European style of the original joint venture object - Citroen and the Japanese style of the new joint venture object - Nissan. Nissan has accepted investment from Renault, and Peugeot Citroen has set up a joint procurement company with Toyota. Its internationalization will be more intense. Its specific supporting mode will be how far, will be more eye-catching.

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