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Application of cutting tools in auto parts processing(2)

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As the old saying goes, "To do a good job, you must sharpen your tools." Today, he is given a broader meaning in modern cardan half shaft supplier - xinsanmingmanufacturing. In order to improve processing efficiency, it is very important to continuously optimize the "sharp tool" ---- CNC cutting tools. The following is a brief introduction to several ways to optimize props.

In the last section, we discussed the application optimization of tool to automobile parts processing from two aspects: "benefiting" its material, changing the cutting speed and "benefiting" its clamping, realizing high cutting speed and large feed。In this section, we discuss the optimization of the tool structure from changing the cutting allowance and feeding of the tool.

1. "Benefit" its structure, and change the cutting tool can cut allowance and feed.

"Benefit" of its structure mainly refers to the continuous optimization of conductor structure and blade geometry design, from the improvement of cutting force, cutting edge mode and strength to achieve a new breakthrough in machining efficiency.

1) FCM fast peak milling cutter

BIG's milling cutter features a 20 degree axial forward Angle and a large radial double forward Angle design for light, loose cutting and ultra-low resistance. The designer applies the eccentric back Angle technology to the machine clip type end milling cutter for the first time, so that the back Angle will not be too big, not only does not affect the edge of the blade, but also can improve the strength of the blade, not easy to collapse the blade.

2) EWB-up high-speed ultra-precision boring head

The primary characteristics of fine boring are the adjustment accuracy and machining accuracy. Because the fine boring head belongs to single edge cutting, the dynamic balance is indispensable to achieve high speed and efficient machining.

BIG will adjust the size precision and offset equal to the dynamic balance adjustment into a boring head part, through the two scale knob easily achieve the adjustment precision 0.001mm, the highest speed of dynamic balance coefficient G6.3 requirements. With diamond and CBN materials to process aluminum alloy parts (such as gearbox housing) and cast iron steel hole products, it can achieve high speed and efficient processing of 200~2000m/min, and get good processing results.

3) HNGS Aurora coated bit

The J-shaped large-volume spiral groove and wide-mouth W-edge belt design significantly reduces cutting resistance during drilling, and the unique edge-tip designs enables up to 0.5-1mm/ REV feed, which is more than 3 times more efficient than conventional spiral groove designs. Diamond coatings provide long life and excellent finish. Drilling efficiency can be greatly improved in aluminum alloy parts of automobile such as cylinder head, transmission case, oil pump case and other products.

4) Non-standard cutter with structure

For products which has large number of complex structure and various processes and difficult to process, the standard tool has been unable to meet the requirements of efficient processing. This requires more targeted design of tool structure according to specific parts, effectively reducing the time of tool change. The special cutting tools for crankshaft and CAM shaft hole machining of automobile engine, including broach cutter, valve seat milling cutter, automatic guide boring cutter, etc., are typical products that non-standard cutting tools promote efficient machining development.


In the field of automobile processing, especially in the process of mass production, the precision of the tool, cutting speed and life directly affect the operation rate of the production line, processing rhythm, and even the final production efficiency. According to the survey, nearly 70% of users in China tool cost accounted for 2%~3% of the total production cost. Although the proportion is not very high, but the choice of reliable, applicable and efficient tool products, but can significantly reduce the total cost of production.

It is worth noting that in the process of tool products constantly updated, although the tool supplier is constantly changing the tool material, but the original tool body has not been changed, and the change of the tool price has not been adjusted. For the whole vehicle and parts only in the enterprise, when the processing efficiency of a process is lacking or dissatisfied, try to choose a new tool product or change the original structure of the tool body product, may not increase the cost of efficient processing at the same time to play an unexpected role in promoting.

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