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Automobile drive shaft principle

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Automobile drive shaft is through shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joint three important components, cooperate with each other to work, the segmented type must be supported in the middle.

The transmission shaft is the shaft that can transfer power in the transmission shaft of the universal transmission device. For the front engine and rear wheel drive car, it is the shaft that transfers the rotation of the transmission to the main reducer. It can be several sections, and between sections can be connected by the universal joint. The drive shaft assembly sits between the transmission and rear axle and transmits torque and rotational motion from the transmission to the rear axle's main reducer.single double universal joint drive shaft price - Xinsanming

Universal joint is the key part of automobile drive shaft. In the front engine rear wheel drive vehicle, the universal joint drive shaft is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle main reducer input shaft; In front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicles, the drive shaft is omitted, and the universal joint is installed between the front axle axle, which is responsible for both driving and steering, and the wheels.

The traditional structure of the transmission shaft expansion sleeve is spline sleeve and flange fork welding together, spline shaft welding on the transmission shaft tube. In a steering drive axle, a split drive axle, or in the universal rotation of a miniature car, the drive shaft is usually made into a solid shaft.

In order to get higher strength and stiffness, the drive shaft is made hollow (the shaft pipe is used to connect the universal joint and Spline shaft), generally made of 1.5~3mm thin steel plate coil welding. Super heavy trucks are directly made of seamless steel tubes.

Automobile drive shaft is generally a kind of circular parts that can be connected or assembled, and can move and rotate. It is generally made of alloy steel with light and good torsional resistance. In terms of composition, it is usually composed of shaft tube, expansion sleeve and universal joint. Automobile drive shaft is a high speed, less support of the rotating body, its dynamic balance is very important, the general drive shaft before leaving the factory must enter the action balance test, and has been adjusted on the balance machine.

Automobile drive shaft as an important part of the transmission of power in the automobile transmission system, it can together with the gearbox, drive axle will transfer the power of the engine to the wheel, so that the car has a driving force. Usually special car drive shaft is mainly used in tank cars, refueling vehicles, sprinklers, sewage trucks, suction trucks, fire trucks, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, road wreckers, aerial work vehicles, garbage trucks and other models.

Drive shaft process requirements

1) Strength requirements: due to the actual working condition of the automobile drive shaft is more complex, in the work record tocentered universal joint drive shaft supplier - Xinsanming bear the random change of alternating load, but also to bear the impact load caused by the starting, braking and road conditions, so the steel pipe must have good strength and plasticity.

2) Precision requirements: The drive shaft is a moving part that transfers torque under the condition of telling rotation. Only when the geometric size and shape of the steel pipe reach a certain precision, can the center of mass of the drive shaft be close to the center of rotation, and the mass distribution of the shaft tube is required to be uniform. Reduce system vibration caused by centrifugal gravity to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle at high speed.

3) Process requirements: in order to ensure the quality of the transmission shaft assembly, the steel pipe must be flaring, flattening, and static torsion test.

Inspection of drive shaft

The drive shaft tube shall be checked on the inspection table for welding quality, surface quality, dimensional accuracy and length according to the standard one by one.

1)  Weld shall not have cracks, openings, burns and lap welding. There shall be no scars, pits, dents and scratches. Minor defects may exist that do not exceed the negative deviation allowed by wall thickness.

2) Geometry inspection is mainly wall thickness, inner burr height, inner diameter, ellipticity and length. Measuring wall thickness and inner burr with a tip screw micrometer usually uses a percentage of inner diameter to measure inner diameter, while measuring wall thickness and inner diameter with a vernier caliper is inaccurate.

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