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Cardan axle shaft for truck: how to build an enterprise BOM

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Cardan axle shaft for truck: how to build an enterprise BOM

1.  Relationship between BOM and product type spectrum

When implementing an enterprise BOM, the product spectrum is usually discussed with the customer first. Customers are often confused and feel that the two are not necessarily related. There is some justification for this confusion. Many organizations have not had an enterprise-wide uniform spectrum definition for years, but that doesn't mean they don't manage BOMs.

The definition of product spectrum is very important to the enterprise. Product spectrum definition helps to within the scope of the whole enterprise, from product planning, product design, product manufacturing, product sales to form a unified complete understanding of product family, to ensure that the planning of product can meet the market demand, match the planning design, the production of products, which is in line with market and ensure that sales can correctly guide the market purchase behavior, etc. Of course, the product spectrum is not defined for BOM. If a BOM item is not implemented, the product spectrum definition needs to be normalized. In the implementation of the enterprise BOM system, the emphasis on the definition of product type spectrum is expected to enable enterprises to establish the BOM management specifications in a comprehensive, thorough and long-term manner.

So, what exactly does the product type affect BOM? In short, it affects the BOM construction strategy. When the enterprise does not have a normalized spectrum, the BOM construction strategy is not easy to establish, or more arbitrary.

The BOM construction strategy refers to the product on which the super BOM should be built. The problems to be solved are whether the super BOM should be built based on the platform or based on the product series or product model, and whether another BOM should be built for the new type project.

To this question, the answer will be different for different companies. Based on my project implementation experience, I summarized the following key factors:buy double universal joint drive shaft - Xinsanming

1)  The degree of platform implementation and the expectation of design reuse.

2)  Status and complexity of historical data.

3)  Personnel's professional skills and business standards.

4)  Requirements for production switch.

The above four levels determine which level a BOM is built at. When the project is implemented, the above four levels of analysis should be carried out on the specific enterprise's situation.

This is the first issue of the BOM architecture, which is the level at which a super BOM should be defined. In short, the definition level should correspond to a fixed level of the product spectrum, the higher the level from a design reuse point of view, the better, but need to take into account historical data, personnel skills, normalization, production switching, etc.

2.  Component organization mode

As for the organization mode of parts, the following model can be simply defined to explain:

In the above model, the component organization mode can be simplified into a three-layer structure, namely, the design virtual layer, the BOM core layer and the component structure layer representing the upper component organization.

The design virtual layer can correspond to a common grouping, module level, or other virtual assembly level in the enterprise. In terms of enterprise-level BOM management ideas, the deeper the layer, the lower the efficiency of BOM management. An important practical experience in enterprise-level BOM management is the flattening idea. The so-called flattening idea is to make as few or no levels of this level as possible.

In my implementation experience with multiple clients, organizations have the most problems defining this level. Having too many levels and instantiating that level are typical problems. Enterprises often lack an effective way to manage this level, but simply manage according to PDM, which restricts the core management ideas of enterprise-level BOM.

The core layer of a BOM is the level of concern regardless of the business area. So what level is the level that each business area is focused on? There is no doubt that they are the specific parts needed on the production line. These parts are actually composed of assembly supply level and procurement supply level parts. BOM information cannot be missing when it is transferred from planning, engineering, manufacturing, production, after-sales and other business links. If BOM can ensure the accurate transmission of this information, it can be said that it has achieved the synergistic effect of connecting various business areas. Therefore, this level is the essence of BOM.

Part structure level refers to the breakdown structure of the part itself. The characteristic of this level is that there is no configuration variation below, that is, the structure at the bottom of any part represents a fixed structure, ensuring that the fixed structure of the part is consistent when it is used in different places.

Traditional PDM/PLM for organization of the parts and components in the parts structure is more appropriate levels of management, and BOM core layer and the above is not suitable for the design of the virtual layer enterprise BOM management train of thought, such as for the design, often because of the relationship of coordinates need to instantiate virtual layers, etc., in this no longer detailed discussion.

3.  Define the configuration level

After discussing the above questions about component organization, the definition of configuration layer comes to a natural answer: All the core information of a BOM must be defined in the core layer of a BOM to ensure the consistency of information in various business areas. Configuration information, as the most critical part of a super BOM, should undoubtedly be defined at this level.

This concept is shown in the figure below:

Different areas of business, in fact, according to different use of these components, and the process of the construction of the BOM, in fact, from product planning, product design, product planning, procurement, manufacturing, and other together to determine the components used and the depth of its manufacturing process, and the BOM in the first place is the process of informatization management tool, the second is the result of load in each stage of the process.

4.  Conclusion: The first mission of the enterprise-level BOM architecture is to support collaboration across business domains

The problems of BOM management must be solved by the change of BOM structure. It is difficult to solve some fundamental problems under the original framework. The above discussion is based on the enterprise-level BOM idea, rather than on the internal design technology. The core point of this idea is that BOM is a management tool that plays a synergistic role in the whole business chain of an enterprise. Therefore, the first mission of BOM architecture design based on this idea must be to support cross-business collaboration. This important mission clearly positions the enterprise BOM and PDM/PLM: PDM/PLM covers the technology with its 3D structure /CADBOM, while the related management responsibilities are removed to the enterprise-level BOM, so that both sides can define the reasonable and most efficient architecture according to their own requirements, so as to change the situation that both sides accommodate each other and both sides cannot do well.

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