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Cardan joint drive shaft: intelligent scheduling, the core technology of intelligent manufacturing!

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Cardan joint drive shaft: intelligent scheduling, the core technology of intelligent manufacturing!

1. Concept of scheduling

The basic description of the scheduling problem is "how to allocate limited resources to several tasks in a reasonable amount of time in order to meet or optimize one or more objectives". Scheduling is not only about sorting, but also determining the start time and end time of each task according to the obtained sorting. Scheduling problems exist widely in various fields, such as enterprise management, production management, transportation, aerospace, medical and health, and network communication, and almost exist in all branches of engineering science. It is also one of the key problems in intelligent manufacturing, so the study of scheduling problem is very important.

2. Features of intelligent scheduling

The object and target of production scheduling determine the complexity of this problem, which is highlighted by the diversity of scheduling targets, the uncertainty of scheduling environment and the complexity of problem solving process. The specific performance is as follows:

(1) Multi-objective. The overall goal of production scheduling is generally composed of a series of scheduling plan constraints and evaluation indexes. In different types of production enterprises and different manufacturing environments, there are often many kinds and forms, which determines the diversity of scheduling goals to a large extent. For the evaluation index of scheduling plan, the most considered is the shortest production cycle, and other factors include delivery time, the highest utilization rate of equipment, the lowest cost, the shortest delay, the minimum early or late penalty, the least inventory in process, etc. In the actual production, sometimes not only a single requirement is considered, because the requirements may conflict with each other, so in the process of scheduling plan must be considered comprehensively.

(2) Uncertainty. In the actual production scheduling system, there are various random and uncertain factors, such as processing time fluctuation, machine tool equipment failure, raw material shortage, urgent order insertion and other unexpected factors. Scheduling plan execution during the manufacturing environment faced by few and consider the same planning process, the result even if it doesn't lead to the plans and void, often need to be change of different level, in order to fully adapt to the change of the situation, making it more complicated dynamic scheduling is necessary.

(3) Complexity. Both multi-objective and uncertainty are concentrated in the complexity of scheduling problem solving and make it more difficult. As is known to all, the classical scheduling problem itself is a kind of extremely complex combinatorial optimization problem, and the total number of workpiece scheduling in mass production process is astronomical. If other evaluation indicators are added and environmental randomness is considered, the complexity of the problem can be imagined.

The complexity of scheduling problem restricts the application and development of related technologies, making it difficult for many efforts to find effective methods to fully meet the needs of practical applications. The emergence of intelligent scheduling technology provides a new method to solve the scheduling problem. At the same time, it is precisely because of such a huge challenge, over the years, the research on this issue has attracted a large number of researchers and applications from different fields, and put forward a number of current methods and technologies, which have made their own contributions to the solution of practical problems to varying degrees.

3.  Future development trend of intelligent scheduling

1) Current problemscardan wheel shaft company - Xinsanming

Although the research of shop scheduling has become a hot research field and many scholars have produced many achievements in this field, the research of shop scheduling problem still faces many problems. In order to improve the universality of solution results and methods, mathematical models are usually used to solve problems, but the solving efficiency of mathematical models is low, and only small-scale problems can be solved. In order to improve the efficiency of solving problems and solve large-scale problems, scholars propose to use intelligent optimization algorithm to solve problems. However, the solution results of intelligent algorithm have certain instability, and the universality of intelligent optimization algorithm is low, so it is necessary to design specific optimization process for specific problems. Now some scholars put forward the solution idea of combining mathematical model with intelligent algorithm, but how to combine the two and how to solve the problem after the combination still need to be studied and explored.

2)  Future trends

Shop floor scheduling optimization is the key to improve the production efficiency of enterprises, so the study of shop floor scheduling is bound to receive more and more attention, and its main development trends are as follows:

(1) With the trend of complexity of production technology, mass quantification of production tasks and diversification of production scenarios, the research on scheduling problems will be more close to the direction of actual production problems, such as actual production constraints, series-parallel multi-shop cooperative scheduling, dynamic scheduling, etc.

(2) With the alliance between upstream and downstream enterprises and the development of user-oriented production mode, the research on distributed production scheduling is bound to become an important research direction.

(3) along with the development of the intelligent workshop, and other production workshop scheduling problem of contact is gradually strengthen, it will form a more complex coupling problems, such as the combination of shop scheduling problem with process planning and logistics transportation, workshop scheduling problem, such as the combination of research to these questions is of great significance to improve the production efficiency.                                                                                            

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