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Cardan shaft: information security of intelligent manufacturing support system

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Cardan shaft: information security of intelligent manufacturing support system

Information security is one of the major challenges faced by various industries including manufacturing industry. Emerging technologies, especially big data technologies, bring huge benefits to the manufacturing industry, but also make enterprises face huge information security risks. On the one hand, because the protocol of industrial control system is mostly in plaintext form, the industrial environment is mostly in common operating system and the update is not timely, the network security awareness of practitioners is not high, and the industrial data has various sources and different formats and standards, so that there are many vulnerabilities that can be exploited. On the other hand, in the industrial application environment, there are higher requirements for data security, any information security incident may threaten the enterprise information security, industrial production and operation security and even national security. Therefore, good information security technology is an important basis and premise for the long-term security and stable development of enterprises.

Information security is a comprehensive problem across many fields and disciplines, which needs to be studied by combining laws and regulations, industry characteristics, industrial technology and other dimensions. At present, the commonly used information security technology system can be divided into three levels: information access security, information platform security and information application security. Among them, information access security provides a security mechanism for the collection, transmission and conversion process of industrial site data; Information platform security provides a secure basis for industrial data storage and computing; Information application security provides powerful security control for upper-layer application access and data access.

1. Information access securitycustom single double cardan half shaft - Xinsanming

Information access security must ensure the security of the industrial edge equipment real-time data collection, remote status monitoring, and system data extraction from the external system to obtain industrial data, and anonymize, clean, transform, and transfer to enter the industrial big data platform complete data transmission chain. The data collection end supports the registration and security authentication mechanism of the collection module to ensure the compliance of the data collection application and the accuracy of the collected data. The edge computing module supports unified module management and signature verification mechanism to ensure the legitimacy and reliability of data preprocessing applications. Data transmission channel supports channel encryption to ensure confidentiality and integrity during transmission.

2. Information platform security

Information platform security is to ensure the security of storage, access, operation and other functions of industrial data resources, including data storage security, computing security, platform management security and infrastructure security. The storage security of the platform supports multiple data backup Settings and recovery mechanisms, and uses data access control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized data access. Computing security supports the identity authentication and access control mechanism of the computing initiator to ensure that only legitimate users or applications can initiate data processing requests. Platform management security includes the security configuration of platform components, resource security scheduling, patch management, security audit, etc., to ensure the security and controllability of the entire platform components and running state. At the same time, the data isolation and access mechanism of the platform should be strengthened to realize the data "available and invisible". Platform hardware and software infrastructure security includes basic network security and virtualization security to ensure the secure operation of the entire data platform.

3. Information application security

Information used for big data platform of huge amounts of data stored in the industry for the query, analysis, calculation and export operations, so the information platform provides data services at the same time, the security risk is exposed, an attacker can use all kinds of known or unknown loophole attack, achieve the purpose of to damage the system or data information, Therefore, data application security needs to be strictly controlled. Information application security mainly covers the following aspects. Firstly, the application access signature mechanism is supported to ensure that only authorized applications can submit data access requests, and the application data can be accessed on demand to avoid the expansion of data access scope. Secondly, it supports real-time monitoring of the application and visitor behavior, and intercepts the attack behaviors contained in the application in real time, including data access range, frequency, database statement legitimacy, etc. Finally, a complete application process management mechanism is established, including application submission, execution, status monitoring, result audit, etc., to ensure that the approval and control of each application are effectively combined with accountability, and to avoid malicious manipulation or misoperation by high-authority personnel. At the same time, a complete application test environment and test specifications are built to ensure that only applications that comply with security policies can be approved and executed.

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