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Clamping system in common gear machining mode

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Know centered cardan wheel shaft

Powder metallurgy is a method of making gear in large quantities, and the common hobbing, gear shaper and other processes seem to be better able to cope with the needs of many varieties of small batches, at this time their clamping system is very particular.

It is very important to configure a proper clamping system for the process from ordinary turning to gear hobbing to gear shaping to gear shaving to hard turning to gear grinding to honing to drilling to inner hole grinding to welding to measurement.

1)  General car processingcentered cardan wheel shaft manufacturer - Xinsanming

In ordinary turning, the gear wool is usually clamped on a vertical or horizontal turning machine. For automatic clamping fixture, most do not need to install auxiliary stabilizer on the other side of the spindle.

2)  Gear hobbing

Hobbing is a cutting process used to produce outer and cylindrical gears because of its superior economy. Gear hobbing is not only widely used in the automotive industry, but also in the manufacture of large industrial transmission, but the premise is not limited by the contour of the processed workpiece.

3)  Gear shaper processing

Gear shaper gear processing technology, mainly used in the case of hobbing can not be processed. This machining method is mainly applied to the inner tooth machining of gears, as well as the outer tooth machining of some gears affected by structural interference.

4) Gear shaving

Shaving is a gear finishing technology, cutting with a blade corresponding to the gear tooth shape. This process has been widely used in industry because of its high production economy.

5)  Hard car processing

Hard turning makes it possible to replace expensive grinding processes. In order for it to work properly, the various parts of the system are connected to the corresponding machining parts. The selection of correct machine tools and fixtures and cutting tools determines the turning effect.

6)  Gear grinding

Nowadays, in many cases, hard finishing of tooth surfaces is necessary to achieve the necessary precision in gear production successfully.  In mass production, grinding is a very economical and effective way of processing. On the other hand, similar to sample machining, grinding can be more flexible when using adjustable grinding tools.

7)  Honingcentered cardan wheel shaft supplier - Xinsanming

Honing is the final finishing process of hard gears by using an amorphous cutting Angle. Honing not only has high economy, but also can make the processed gears have a smooth surface with low noise. Compared to grinding, the cutting speed of honing is very low (0,5 to 10m/s), thus avoiding the damage of cutting heat to gear machining. More specifically, the internal stress generated on the machined tooth surface has a positive effect on the bearing capacity of the equipment.

8) Drilling

Drilling is a rotary cutting process. The rotation axis of the tool and the center of the hole to be machined in the axial direction is exactly the same as the feed direction of the tool in the axial direction. The main axis of cutting motion should be consistent with the tool and independent of the direction of feed motion.

9) Grind inner holes

Inner hole grinding is a machining process with an amorphous cutting Angle. Compared with other cutting processes, grinding for hard metals has high dimensional and forming accuracy, dimensional accuracy (IT 5 -- 6), small vibration marks high quality surface accuracy (Rz = 1-3μm) and other advantages.

10)  Capacitor discharge welding

Capacitor discharge welding belongs to resistance welding process. Capacitor discharge welding is achieved by rapid current increase, relatively short welding time, and very high welding current. Therefore, capacitor discharge welding has many advantages. For the increasing energy price, the economy and efficiency of capacitor discharge welding are very important.

11)  Measurement

Gear detection is very extensive, it must be adjusted according to the different form of gear. In gear measurement, through length, Angle measurement, as well as special gear process measurement, to determine the different important parameters of gear.

The above is the gear powder metallurgy processing demonstration, as well as in gear shaper, gear hobbing and other processing methods under the fixture system example, the specific choice in addition to look at the batch size, but also to combine with the actual reasonable analysis, convenient manufacturing process.

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