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Classification of automobile steel

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Automobile steel is mainly divided into two categories: one is automobile body steel, which constitutes the shell and skeleton of the automobileOne is the alloy structural steel for automobile, which is the core material of automobile engine, transmission system and suspension system. Next, we will introduce it in detail.

1. Steel for automobile body

Let's start with steel for car body. Bearing type body, the whole body is an integral whole, steel composed of his skeleton, and the engine, transmission system, front and rear suspension components are assembled on this skeleton. Below is the body structure diagram. Let's work from the outside in.

1) Steel for exterior panels of automobile bodies

Automobile body outer plate steel is mainly used for manufacturing front, rear, left and right car outer plate, engine cover outeruniversal joint axle shaft manufacturer - Xinsanming plate, trunk cover outer plate and other parts. It should have good formability, corrosion resistance, concave resistance and good weldability. The outer plate of automobile body is multi-coated to meet anticorrosion requirements. In order to improve the anti-concave property, multi-coated baking hardening steel, high-strength IF steel and high-formability cold-rolled annealed dual-phase steel (such as DP450) are used. Galvanized plate, galvanized iron plate, galvanized plate, galvanized - nickel plate and so on.

2)Steel for body inner panel

Through the outer plate of the automobile, we can see that the parts of the inner plate of the automobile are more complex in shape, which requires that the steel used for the inner plate of the automobile should have higher formability and deep drawing performance. Therefore, IF steel with good formability and deep drawing performance is used for the inner plate of the automobile, and a small amount of high-strength IF steel is used, and its coating requirements are similar to those of the outer plate.

3)The body structure of an automobile

Further inside, we can see the body structure of the car, as shown in the picture below. It is closely related to vehicle safety and lightweight. Therefore, the material needs both high strength and high plasticity. Advanced high strength steel (AHSS) has good strong plastic bond, good impact characteristics and higher fatigue life, which is mostly used in body structure parts.. For example, it has been widely used in the front and rear bumper skeleton and A pillar, B pillar and other key parts. In the event of impact, especially in the front and side impact, it can effectively reduce the deformation of the cockpit and protect the safety of drivers and passengers. Advanced automotive high strength includes duplex steel, martensitic steel, transformation induced plastic steel, duplex steel, quenched ductile steel.

2. Alloy structural steel for automobile

Having learned about the steel of the car's shell and skeleton, let's move on to the alloy structural steel of the car hidden inside the body. It mainly includes: shaft type tempered steel and non tempered steel, gear steel, all kinds of spring steel and all kinds of high strength standard parts of steel.

1) Quenched and tempered steel and non quenched and tempered steel for shafts

In a car, the variety of axles is a big part of the story. As soon as cars start running, they undergo a lot of stress. The front axle undergoes flexural fatigue stress, the crankshaft undergoes combined flexural and torsional stress, the drive shaft undergoes torsional fatigue stress, the connecting rod undergoes asymmetric tensile and compressive stress... To keep them healthy and safe, shaft quenched and tempered steels often contain alloying elements that both ensure hardenability (the ability to ensure that sections of a part are strong enough to meet the requirements of the part) and improve impact toughness. At present, quenched and tempered crankshaft steel has 40Cr, 42CrMo, automobile half shaft commonly used S45C, SCM4, SCM6, SAE1045, automobile connecting rod with quenched and tempered steel 40Cr, S48C. Non-quenched and tempered steel 12Mn2VBS, 35MnVN are also widely used in steering knuckle and engine connecting rod.

2) Gear steel

Gear is also an important component to transfer power on the automobile. The performance requirements of gear steel are: high crushing resistance and pitting resistance and spalling ability; Good impact resistance and bending ability; Suitable hardenability and hardening layer depth and core hardness; Good process performance and machinability; And deformation and dimensional stability.

3)Spring steel

Spring in the car consumption, varieties, is a basic structural parts, the main use for suspension with spring steel and valve spring steel, in light or heavy trucks, the amount of spring suspension is generally 100-500kg. The performance requirements of spring steel are: high elastic limit and relaxation resistance, good hardenability and appropriate hardenability, high fracture toughness and strain fatigue life, good metallurgical process performance and formability, certain wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The main steel used for front suspension spring are: Si-Mn system, Mn-Cr system, CR-V system, Mn-Cr-B, etc.

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