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Construction machinery cardan half shaft: application of robotics in machining

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Construction machinery cardan half shaft: application of robotics in machining

Along with the science and technology rapid development and robot technology continues to improve, robot to replace human in all kinds of mechanical processing work has been very common, from the point of application effect, robot effective application in mechanical processing, not only would help greatly improve processing efficiency, but also can effectively prevent due to loss of manual operation and form of things, It is conducive to the improvement of economic and social benefits of industrial enterprises, and assists enterprises to further complete the purpose of sustainable development. Based on this, it is very important to understand the robot technology and give full play to its role in mechanical processing on this basis, and the relevant departments of enterprises need to pay great attention to it.

1. Overview of industrial robots

(1) The connotation of industrial robots

The robot used in machining is also known as industrial robot, the so-called industrial robot, mainly refers to the programmer according to the demand to stop programming, and based on this to carry out the multi-function operation mechanism of related work, these work not only includes data, tool transportation, but also includes the processing of parts. In the past, industrial robots were often used for handling, welding, painting and assembly work. In recent years, with the optimization and improvement of robot technology from time to time, the scope of industrial robots is more and more wide, playing an irreplaceable role in work consumption.

(2) Central key technologies of industrial robots

The key technology of industrial robot is mainly manifested in three aspects, the first is clever operation technology. In order to ensure that industrial machine hand in sensitivity than that of manual operation in machining technology personnel adopted the advanced ideas and technology of mechanical installation and enforcement agencies to stop improvement and innovation, from time to time in order to pass the various agencies of optimization and improve to advance the accuracy of industrial robots, resolution and repeatability and other indicators, and then reach the basic mechanical processing needs. It should be noted that when the sensitive operation technology is stopped to improve, the drive safety of the separation robot is required to rationally select the design and data of the drive and actuator, and the new data is used as far as possible to improve the load and weight ratio of the robot.

The second is autonomous navigation technology. Autonomous navigation technology is mostly used in equipment and data transport robots, to ensure that industrial robots can complete safe autonomous navigation during the use. In terms of the current application status of industrial robots, there are still many central technologies to be improved for autonomous navigation, and relevant technical personnel are required to stop its research and development. The optimization of environmental sensing and sensing technology is an important task in the future of industrial robots. After the optimization of the robot sensing system, it can timely stop the detection of the consumption status of parts and product components, and control the tactile accuracy of subsequent demand progress according to the status of the robot in machining work. The theory proves that the physical model constructed by high-precision sensor for assembly task and tracking task progress can reduce the uncertainty in the automatic consumption link to a large extent, and then improve the precision of machining.

2. The problems existing in the application of robot technology in machiningcustom axle shaft with centered cardan - Xinsanming

Under the background of rapid development of Chinese industry, the application of robot technology in mechanical processing will be more and more common. In order to give full play to its advantages, technicians must comprehensively understand and control the problems existing in the application of robot technology in machining, and do a good job of optimization and improvement according to relevant needs on this basis.

(1) The central parts of industrial robots are the key

The industrial robot consists of many kinds of parts, including some central parts. In order to ensure the normal operation of industrial robots, it is necessary to pay more attention to the central parts. Generally speaking, these components mainly include high precision reducer, controller, servo motor and drive. Each kind of parts plays a key role in the performance of industrial robots. As far as the central parts of our current industrial robots are concerned, most of them rely on imported products, especially the gap in the aspect of high fine speed reducer, it is also the reason, which leads to the domestic industrial robots compared with foreign countries, and there are still great differences. Besides their reasons, the lack of innovation and the lack of system research and development are also two important factors that limit the considerable development of industrial robot in China.

(2) Information exchange

As an automatic processing system, industrial robots do not exist independently, but need computer hardware and software to support the robot to complete the operation tasks, but also need a specific management system to stop the management and improvement. In this way, between robots, between robots and computers, processing systems and management systems, it is necessary to establish a close contact, but because the robot operation has its own specific brand language, robot consumer manufacturers are many, programming language is also multifarious. In this way, it will inevitably lead to communication barriers between robots and computers. Therefore, how to standardize as computer language is one of the difficulties in the demand processing of robot consumer manufacturers in the world.

(3) Stiffness and accuracy

Traditional robot arms are often elongated and constructed as cantilevers, which greatly reduces the overall rigidity of the robot, especially the ability to carry loads perpendicular to the arm is poor. Robots have trouble stopping large parts. Due to the stiffness limitation of the series robot, the processing object of the robot is limited to soft material data. In addition, the accuracy of the robot cannot meet the request of machining accuracy of complex parts. For example, the accuracy of the freedom hinge itself, which is commonly used in robot joints, is one of the factors that affect the accuracy of the whole robot. Robot stiffness and robot accuracy are the main problems for machining robots.

3. Endnotes

To sum up, under the background of rapid development of science and technology, automation and intelligent consumer processing has become an inevitable trend in the machinery processing industry. As one of the main processing technologies, robot technology can not only save a lot of manpower, material resources and time cost, but also greatly improve the processing quality. It can be foreseen that in the future time, industrial robots will have a broader development prospect in the field of mechanical processing. Therefore, the relevant technical personnel are also required to stop the optimization and improvement from time to time, in order to meet the processing request from time to time, and maximize the advantages of robot technology.

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