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Cross shaft cardan shaft assembly: relationship between quality management and various departments

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Cross shaft cardan shaft assembly: relationship between quality management and sales and service assurance

Sales directly connect with users. The first people to respond to complaints are usually the company's salespeople. If there is a quality problem after delivery, the sales department must blame the quality management department of the company, "How do you control the quality? For users' complaints, you see to it!"

Whenever the general manager of the company questions the sales department: why can't the company's sales share increase? How come you haven't got your money back yet?

At this time, most of the sales secretary will say, "Our product quality is not better than others..." The worst thing here is the head of quality -- everyone in the company turns to the head of quality or the head of quality.

The customer service department thinks that the quality problem is that the quality department has not properly closed, and their job is to "wipe the bottom" for the quality department, which is called "if the quality is not good, the service will collect". In reality, the relationship between quality management work and customer service is such "unhappy".

For simple maintenance and routine support of delivered products, the customer service department thinks it is their business, but for some batch technical quality problems, production and processing problems, the customer service department will think that the quality management work is not in place.

The sales department and the customer service department are generally the external departments of the enterprise. They bear the external pressure and feel the feedback of customers on product quality and quality problems the most. The quality department should not only play the role of "back-handed man", but should fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of customer service staff and sales staff, take customer feedback problems as the starting point, decompose and implement customer feedback problems within the company, carry out correction and continuous improvement, improve product quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

Of course, the sales department and the customer service department also need to constantly improve their work quality. The sales department is the source of the contract, and the customer's requirements must be clearly implemented. Only when the source is clear, the production department can produce products that meet the customer's requirements. The customer service department must ensure the service quality in the service guarantee, coordinate with all departments of the company, and jointly build the quality brand competitiveness of the enterprise.

Cross shaft cardan shaft assembly: relatonship between quality management and subsidiary business units

For large groups and enterprises, many of them will adopt the divisional system similar to subsidiary companies to carry out management work according to the needs of business development. These business divisions or subsidiaries have many departments, which may have their own quality department, finance department, etc., but the general quality management, human resources management, financial management and other functions are still under the unified control of the group company.

At this time, the quality management department needs to give full play to its professional functions, carry out top-level centered cardan shaft manufacturer - xinsanmingguidance in quality management, and carry out quality management at the group level under the guidance of unified quality policy and quality objectives.

In terms of quality management system, the group company should cover the business of the business division as comprehensively as possible. The quality management system and methods can be tried out in subsidiaries and business departments, and then promoted in all units. As for the quality problems caused by the business unit or subsidiaries, the quality department of the Group Company shall manage them by pulling strips and charge the subsidiaries or subsidiaries to solve them by themselves.

The relationship between the quality management department of the group company and the subsidiary business unit is mainly the mutual coordination of the quality management functions. Under a unified corporate culture structure, a unified quality culture should be maintained. The quality management system should best cover the business of all business divisions and strictly manage the quality management system of subsidiaries to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system. The quality management department at the group level shall carry out top-level planning and macro guidance for the quality management of all business divisions and subsidiaries, and conduct comprehensive management on the basis of clear responsibilities.

Relationship between quality management and customer representative

In terms of quality management, the company's quality management department and customer representatives have the same goal, which is to ensure product quality from the perspective of users.

If the product has a quality problem, the user will ask: how is the customer representative managed, how is the acceptance? The leaders of the superior departments will also ask: how is the quality control of the quality department done how is the inspection of the pass?

At this time, customer representatives should fully trust the quality management department of the enterprise, support the work of the quality management department, if both hope they "check" and do not believe them, the quality department is the first to blame for the problem, so how can do a good job of quality management?

There is a saying that the director of inspection is a profession that sits on a volcano, and the director of quality is a profession that has the highest death toll. In fact, the quality department of many enterprises is "killed", because customer representatives are not satisfied with and distrust, resulting in them has to leave the quality management post.

The relationship between enterprise quality management and customer representative is not "cat and mouse". Although there are differences between contractor and supervisor in responsibilities, the ultimate goal is to produce and deliver qualified and satisfying products for users. Quality managers and customer representatives of enterprises must work together to establish mutual trust, adopt advanced quality management concepts and methods, do a good job in quality management, and provide high-quality products.

The relationship between quality management and customers

The consumer is the external customer of the enterprise. The quality management department must adjust the position; do a good job of internal quality management, to provide customers with high-quality products, only their own product quality is good, the end user can be satisfied.

For the quality problems reported by customers, enterprises must actively coordinate and analyze the internal causes. For customers, all the problems of products and services are quality problems. In the enterprise, the quality management department must distinguish these quality problems are design problems, process problems, manufacturing problems or sales or service problems, etc., with user feedback problems as the starting point, to carry out effective quality management activities.

The quality management department must be accountable to the users. To some extent, the quality management department is the conscience of the enterprise. To measure the quality of an organization, the final result is the quality of the product and the evaluation of customers. In the principle of quality management, "customer as the focus" and Huawei’s corporate culture of "customer as the center, striver as the foundation" all tell us that customers are the only reason for the existence of the enterprise.

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