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Cross shaft's several main machine tools

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Cross shaft - grinder

1) Type of grinding machinedouble universal joint drive shaft company - Xiansanming

Grinding points from the categories can be divided into: instrument grinder, cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, the grinder, jig grinding machine, guideway grinder, tool grinder, plane and end face grinding camshaft and crankshaft spline and roll grinder, tool grinder, superfinishing machine, circular honing machine, cylindrical and other honing machine, polishing machine, abrasive belt polishing and grinding machine. Tool grinding and grinding machine, indexable blade grinding machine, grinding machine, ball bearing ring groove grinding machine, roller bearing ring raceway grinding machine, bearing ring superfinishing machine, blade grinding machine, roller processing machine, steel ball processing machine, valve piston and piston ring grinding machine, automobile and tractor grinding machine

Below we mainly choose cylindrical grinding machine and surface grinding machine to do a brief description.

2) Grinder processing scope

a. Cylindrical grinding machine

Cylindrical grinding machine or other processing cylinder, cone surface of rotors of the outer surface and the shaft shoulder end face, because of its good adaptability and machining precision, has been widely applied in some of the machining precision parts processing, especially in these parts at the end of the finishing process is widely used, it can not only ensure maximum processing parts geometry size, At the same time can also achieve better surface finish requirements, so it is one of the indispensable equipment in the machining process.

b. Surface grinding machine

Surface grinding machine is mainly used for machining plane, the step surface and lateral surface of parts, in the machinery industry is also used very widely, especially in some high precision parts processing, on the surface of the grinding machine is almost the last to ensure the machining accuracy of choice, and also because of this, the use of surface grinding machine is most of the compulsory course of grinding operators, and even in some equipment assembly industry, The use of surface grinding machine is also a standard skill of assemblers, because the grinding work of various adjustment pads in the assembly process depends on the surface grinding machine to complete.

Cross shaft - boring machine

1) Type of boring machine

Compared with several types of processing equipment in front, boring machine also belongs to a relatively minority of a kind of processing equipment, according to the statistics of a mechanical processing technician manual there are about 23 kinds, from its categories can be divided into the following kinds: Deep hole boring machine, coordinate boring machine, vertical boring machine, horizontal milling and boring machine, fine boring machine, automobile and tractor repair with boring machine and so on, which in our mechanical industry is the most common and most commonly used boring machine should fly coordinate boring machine, the following we also on some characteristics of coordinate boring machine to do a brief introduction and analysis.

2) Boring machine processing scope

There are many types of boring machine, we do a brief introduction on the coordinate boring machine, we can learn other types of boring machine knowledge by analogy, the coordinate boring machine is a precision coordinate positioning device, mainly used for boring the size, shape and position of holes with high precision requirements, Can be drilling, reaming, reaming, end face, grooving, milling surface processing, also can be coordinate measurement, precision calibration and line carving work, with a very wide range of reliable processing characteristics.

But with the development of numerical control technology vigorously, especially CNC vertical milling machine and CNC developing of horizontal milling machine, boring machine the hole once overlord of processing equipment, has gradually replaced the danger, of course also have irreplaceable objective side, but no matter what the death of equipment or development, for mechanical processing industry is a kind of progress, is the progress of technology, It is the progress of technology, but also the progress of our country's manufacturing industry.

Cross shaft - drilling machine

1) Type of drilling machinefront axle universal joint shaft manufacturer - Xinsanming

This is the most widely used processing equipment in the machinery industry. If it is a mechanical processing factory, it will basically have a machine. If you do not even have this processing equipment, you are embarrassed to say that you are dry processing. Coordinate boring and drilling machine, deep hole drilling machine, radial drilling machine, bench drill, vertical drilling machine, horizontal drilling, milling, drilling, center hole drilling machine, etc., and we are the most commonly used in machinery industry is the radial drilling machine, just we machining standard of the industry, not the device, you will most likely be unable to do this industry, also because of this, We will focus on the introduction of this kind of drilling machine.

2) Drilling machine processing scope

We are mainly on the rocker arm drill to explain, for this kind of machine tool, here I have only one word, is to drill various types of holes, in addition to drilling can also achieve reaming, reaming, 鍯 hole, tapping and other processing processes, but it has a big problem, that is, the hole position accuracy is not high. Therefore, we usually do not choose drilling machine to achieve the high precision of some holes.

Cross shaft - wire cutting

For wire cutting the processing equipment, I because of contact is not a lot, so there is no in this regard have accumulated a lot of, also does not have to do a lot of homework, so in limited on the breadth of the use of mechanical industry, but also has its unique value, especially for some special parts of the material and processing, there are still some comparative advantage, But in view of its low processing efficiency and the development of laser machine, line cutting this kind of processing equipment also gradually walk at the edge of the obsolete industry.

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