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Cross shaft universal joint structure

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Diversification of cross shaft universal joint length customization: 

Due to the different structure of various equipment, so the universal shaft length requirements are not the same. Designers axle shaft with double universal joint price - Xinsanmingsometimes very vexed, installation distance is too short afraid of universal shaft can not be made, installation distance is too long, and will worry about the concentricity of the whole shaft and transmission efficiency.

Technical advantages: we have developed the ultra-short SWCD universal shaft according to the needs of customers, which can shoulder the power transmission under the extremely limited installation space; At the same time, we also use a special process to process 5-8 meters of universal axis coaxiality can control 0.5mm.

One. Customized according to flange connection form

1. Pure bolt hole connection flange

High-strength bolts and self-locking nuts are used to connect the flanges at both ends, and the friction force of the flanges is used to transfer torque. This kind of flange is suitable for cardan shaft with low torque and high speed. Light cardan shaft flange design according to pure flange form.

2. End key connection flange

Under the joint action of end keys and high-strength bolts, the joint performance of both ends flanges is improved, and the transmission efficiency of universal shaft torque is also increased. Generally used in medium impact load equipment. Flange design of medium cardan shaft is in the form of end key.

3. Tooth insert connection flange

The use of flange multiple concave and convex, and uniform distribution of the tooth match to transfer torque, flange combined with better stability, long service life. Suitable for heavy impact load, positive and negative high frequency equipment occasions.

4. End face tooth connection flange

The connection between universal shaft flange and semi-coupling flange is realized by using several evenly distributed 40° tooth shapes. Flange connection self - qualitative good, easy installation. This kind of flange is widely used in the design of heavy cardan shaft.

Two. Built-in spring cardan shaft customization

What are the benefits of this design?

Both ends of the universal shaft can run after installation, but the problem comes, the active end of the universal shaft connection is tightly matched is not easy to loose, and the passive end connection is often loose, easy to break off after operation, so that the efficiency of the universal shaft torque transmission is reduced. The installation of built-in spring universal shaft makes the joint part not retract under the working state, keeps the matching length unchanged, and increases the stability of transmission.

Three. Cardan shaft with protective sleeve customization

Advantage of cardan-shaft:

The telescopic mechanism is equipped with a protective sleeve, so that the service life of spline will be longer.

Spline shaft with protective sleeve, so that the internal and external spline relative movement, dust and water from the external environment can not enter the internal spline, so that the spline pair longer service life. Especially suitable for limited lubrication conditions and harsh use environment.

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