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Cross shfat double universal joint shafts: promote high-quality development of the automobile industry

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"Difference" planning outline, points out that adhere to the economic development focus on the real economy, quickening construction of manufacturing power, power quality, promote advanced manufacturing and modern service industry depth fusion, strengthen the infrastructure to support the leading role, to build the real economy, science and technology innovation, modern finance, human resources, coordinated development of the modern industry system. The top priority is to accelerate the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and transform it from a big manufacturer to a strong one.

Double u joint driveshaft - on the road to automobile manufacturing power

As a strategic and pillar industry of the national economy, the automobile manufacturing industry has become the vanguard and important carrier of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry with its large industrial scale and strong driving force. To a certain extent, it can also be represented as the comprehensive strength of China's manufacturing industry.best single double universal joint axle shaft - Xinsanming

The total output value of China's automobile industry exceeds 10 trillion Yuan, and the terminal sales of its products exceed 3 trillion Yuan. Industrial employment, tax revenue and total retail sales account for more than 10% of the country's total. China's automobile manufacturing system has a complete range of types, complete supporting facilities, constantly improving technological innovation ability, and steadily improving overall quality level, but there are also a series of contradictions and problems: Behind the rapid expansion of industrial scale, the development mode of automobile manufacturing industry is extensive, and the status quo and structural problems of "big but not strong" are obvious. In particular, the self-developed products are in a lower position and level in participating in the global value chain division system. In terms of scientific and technological innovation ability, resource utilization efficiency and industrial structure level, there is still a big gap between China and automobile manufacturing powers. At the same time, with the gradual saturation of the domestic automobile market and the continuous compression of manufacturing profits, automobile manufacturers tend to extend the upstream and downstream of the service value chain in order to obtain sustainable competitive advantages and profits. Therefore, in view of the increasingly fierce competitive market and the changing economic environment, it is necessary to actively adapt to the new development trend, seriously study the upgrading path of modern automobile industry, and form a clear understanding and scientific research on the strategic choice of the high-quality development of China's automobile manufacturing industry and the road to a powerful automobile manufacturing industry.

Double universal joint drive shaft - get out of the traditional misunderstanding

Industry experts have raised a number of issues regarding the development of high-quality automobile manufacturing, such as whether to maintain the appropriate proportion of automobile manufacturing, how to diversify into high-margin service sectors, and how to move up and down the value chain. Before we can discuss such issues, we need to get out of the conventional wisdom.double u joint driveshaft for sale - Xinsanming

The proportion of manufacturing industry is related to "Pety-Clark law". William Pety, a classical English economist, predicted in 1672 that with economic development, the focus of industry would gradually shift from the production of tangible goods to the production of intangible services. In 1940, Clark, who was also a British, made an empirical study on labor input and output of three industries in different periods in more than 40 countries (regions) according to the guidance of Pety. The conclusions obtained were completely consistent with Pety's expectation, so the academic community combined them into one, collectively known as " Pety-Clark law ".

However, to understand the development of China's automobile industry system, especially the internal structural changes and transformation and upgrading of automobile manufacturing industry, according to " Pety-Clark law " or some typical facts that magnify the changes in the proportion of manufacturing industry, will obviously oversimplify the problem. Because the development of modern automobile manufacturing industry not only emphasizes the proportion of structure, but also emphasizes the advanced degree and complexity of the industry itself. The boundary between the development of modern automobile manufacturing industry and service industry is not as clear as that of the traditional industrial structure. There is a new trend of industrial integration and service-oriented development of manufacturing industry and manufacturing-oriented development of service industry, and the automobile producer service industry further shows a trend of integration within and inter-industry development. In view of the deep-rooted problems encountered in the transfer and globalization of automobile industry in developed countries, simply applying "Pety-Clark law" will result in the hollowing out of automobile industry and other serious problems.

In the era of intelligent manufacturing in the future, the automobile industry is bound to undergo all-round changes:

The vehicle product form and capability will change.

Intelligent vehicles will become the strategic commanding point of industrial development. Cars are not only mobile tools, but also close partners of human beings.

Car usage patterns will change.

The future development direction is "light ownership, heavy use" car sharing, which makes it possible to take into account the needs of the national car and the construction of energy-saving car society;

The auto chain will change.

Intelligent manufacturing will make it possible that the personalized custom production of such large and complex goods will be directly connected to the "production end", and the direct dialogue between consumers and factories will be the same.

The landscape of the auto industry will change.

With the rapid development of the Internet industry and its new technology, the automobile manufacturing industry will also be subjected to a huge cross-border impact.

Therefore, with the reshaping of the automobile industry, the development of the automobile manufacturing industry and the automobile service industry is by no means a simple issue of who replaces who, nor is it a simple issue of "industrial transfer" and outsourcing. In other words, its development cannot simply apply traditional theories or copy the evaluation standards and practices of developed countries.

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