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Domestic CNC high-end CNC machine tool development trend

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1. High-speed

With the high-speed development of automobile, national defense, aviation, aerospace and other industries as well as the application of aluminum alloy and other new materials, the high-speed CNC machine tool processing requirements are higher and higher.rear axle u joint shaft supplier - Xinsanming

1)  Spindle speed: the machine adopts electric spindle (built-in spindle motor), the maximum spindle speed is up to 200000r/min;

2) Feeding rate: when the resolution is 0.01μm, the maximum feeding rate can reach 240m/min, and the complex surface can be accurately obtained.

3) Operation speed: the rapid development of the microprocessor for the numerical control system to high-speed, high-precision direction to provide a guarantee, the development of the CPU has been developed to 32-bit and 64-bit numerical control system, frequency increased to hundreds of MHZ, thousands of MHZ.

4) Tool change speed: at present, the tool exchange time of foreign advanced machining center is generally about 1s, and the high has reached 0.5s.

2. High precision

CNC machine tool accuracy requirements are now not limited to static geometric accuracy, machine tool movement accuracy, thermal deformation and vibration monitoring and compensation more and more attention.

1)  Improve the control accuracy of CNC system: high-speed interpolation technology is adopted to realize continuous feed with tiny program segments, so that the CNC control unit is refined, and a high-resolution position detection device is adopted to improve the position detection accuracy.

2) Adopt error compensation technology: adopt reverse clearance compensation, screw pitch error compensation, tool error compensation and other technologies to comprehensively compensate the thermal deformation error and space error of the equipment.

3) The mesh decoder is used to check and improve the machining center's trajectory accuracy, and the machining accuracy of the machine tool is predicted by simulation, so as to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool, so that its performance is long-term stable, it can complete a variety of machining tasks under different operating conditions, and ensure the machining quality of parts.

3. Functional complex

The meaning of compound machine tool refers to a machine tool to achieve or as far as possible to complete a variety of elements from the blank to the finished product processing. According to its structural characteristics, it can be divided into two types: process compound and process compound. Process compound machine tools such as boring, milling and drilling complex - machining center, turning and milling complex - turning center, milling, boring and drilling car complex - composite machining center; Process compound machine tools such as multi - surface multi - axis linkage processing of compound machine tools and double spindle turning center.

Adopts combined machine tool for processing, reducing the workpiece loading and unloading, change and adjust the auxiliary time of tool in the process of the middle and produce error, improved the precision of parts processing, shorten the product manufacturing cycle, improve the production efficiency and manufacturer's market reaction ability, compared with the traditional process of dispersed production method has obvious advantages.

4. Intelligent controlDouble wheel shaft with universal joint for sale - Xinsanming

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, in order to meet the manufacturing industry production flexibility, manufacturing automation development needs, CNC machine tools in the intelligent degree is constantly improving. It is embodied in the following aspects:

1)  By monitoring the cutting force in the process of machining, spindle and the feed motor power, the information such as current, voltage, using traditional or modern algorithm for identification, in order to identify the stress of the cutting tools, wear and damage state and the stability of the machine tool processing state, and according to the state of real-time adjustment process parameters (spindle speed, feed rate) and processing instructions, Make the equipment in the best running state, in order to improve the machining accuracy, reduce the machining surface roughness and improve the safety of equipment operation;

2) Processing parameters of intelligent optimization and selection: the process of experts or technician experience, general and special law of parts processing, modern intelligent way, structure based on expert system, or based on the model of the processing parameters of intelligent optimization and selector ", it was used to optimize processing parameters, so as to improve the efficiency of programming and processing technology level and shorten production preparation time;

3) Intelligent fault self-diagnosis and self-repair technology: according to the existing fault information, the application of modern intelligent methods to achieve fast and accurate fault location;

4) Intelligent fault replay and fault simulation technology: it can completely record all kinds of information of the system, replay and simulate all kinds of errors and accidents of CNC machine tools, in order to determine the causes of errors, find solutions to problems, and accumulate production experience;

5) Intelligent AC servo drive device: intelligent servo system that can automatically identify the load and automatically adjust the parameters, including intelligent spindle AC drive device and intelligent feed servo device. The driving device can automatically identify the rotational inertia of the motor and the load, and automatically optimize and adjust the parameters of the control system, so that the driving system can obtain the best operation;

6) Intelligent 4M NUMERICAL control system: In the Manufacturing process, the integration of processing and detection is an effective way to achieve rapid Manufacturing, rapid detection and quick response. The four elements of Measurement, Modelling, Manufacturing and machine operation (4M) are integrated into a system. To realize information sharing and promote the integration of measurement, modeling, machining, clamping and operation.

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