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Dozens of metal forming process (Ⅱ)

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1 Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a new p/M molding technology developed from plastic Injection Molding. As we all know, plastic injection molding technology uses low prices to produce a variety of complex shape products, but the strength of plastic products is not high, in order to improve its performance, you can add metal or ceramic powder in plastic to get higher strength, good wear resistance products. In recent years, this idea has evolved to maximize the content of solid particles and to completely remove the binder and densify the formed billet during subsequent sintering. This new powder metallurgy forming method is called metal injection molding.

2 Turning processingbuy axle shaft with double u joint - Xinsanming

Turning processing refers to lathe processing is a part of mechanical processing. Lathe processing is mainly used to turn the rotating workpiece turning processing. Lathes are mainly used for processing shafts, plates, sleeves and other workpiece with rotary surface, and are the most widely used type of machine tool processing in machinery manufacturing and repair factories. Turning is a method of cutting the workpiece on a lathe by rotating the workpiece relative to the tool. The cutting energy in turning is mainly provided by the workpiece rather than the tool.

Turning is the most basic and common cutting method, which plays a very important role in production. Turning is suitable for processing rotary surface, most of the workpiece with rotary surface can be processed by turning method, such as internal and external cylindrical surface, internal and external conical surface, end face, groove, thread and rotary forming surface, etc., the tool is mainly turning tool.

3 Milling

Milling is to fix the blank, with high speed rotation of the milling cutter in the blank, cut out the required shape and features. Conventional milling is mostly used to mill simple shapes/features such as profiles and slots. CNC milling machine can process complex shapes and features. Milling and boring machining center can carry out three axis or multi-axis milling and boring processing, used for processing, mold, gage, birthgear, thin-wall complex surface, artificial prosthesis, blade, etc. In the selection of CNC milling processing content, should give full play to the advantages and key role of CNC milling machine.

4 Planing processing

It is a cutting method of horizontal relative straight reciprocating motion of workpiece with planer knife, which is mainly used for the shape processing of parts. The accuracy of planing is IT9~IT7, and the surface roughness Ra is 6.3~1.6um.

5 Grindingbuy double half shaft with universal joint - Xinsanming

Grinding refers to the use of abrasives, abrasives to remove excess material on the workpiece processing method. Grinding is one of the most widely used cutting methods.

6 Selective laser melting

In a tank lined with metal powder, a computer controls a powerful carbon dioxide laser to selectively sweep across the surface. In the laser's path, the metal powder on the surface of the laser completely fused together, while the areas not touched remain powder. The whole process takes place in a sealed chamber filled with inert gas.

7 Selective laser sintering

SLS method uses infrared laser as the energy source, and the modeling materials used are mostly powder materials. During processing, the powder is first preheated to a temperature slightly below its melting point, and then the powder is smoothen under the action of a scraping stick; Laser beam is selectively sintered under computer control according to the sectional information of layers. After one layer is completed, the next layer is sintered. After all the excess powder is sintered, a sintered part can be obtained. At present, the mature process materials are wax powder and plastic powder, and the process of sintering with metal powder or ceramic powder is still being studied.

8 Metal deposition

The metal deposits are similar to the "butter squeeze" molten deposits but spew metal powder. The nozzle also provides high power laser and inert gas protection while spraying metal powder materials. This will not be limited by the size of the metal powder box, can directly produce larger volume of parts, but also suitable for local damage of precision parts for repair.

9 Roll formingcustom drive shaft with double u joints - Xinsanming

The roll forming process uses a series of continuous stands to roll stainless steel into complex shapes. The roll sequence is designed in such a way that the roll profile of each stand continuously deforms the metal until the desired final shape is obtained. If the shape of parts is complex, a maximum of 36 racks can be used, but for simple parts, three or four racks are ok.

10 Die forging

Die forging is a forging method that makes use of the die to make the blank form in special die forging equipment. The forging produced by this method has the advantages of precise size, small machining allowance, complex structure and high productivity.

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