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Drive shaft maintenance and repair

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Drive shaft maintenance and repair

1. Common faults of half shaft

If the owner of the car in the process of driving hear the car half axle direction to abnormal sound, it is necessary to stop down for careful inspection.

Under the action of long-term torsional fatigue and impact force, automobile half axle is prone to bend, twist and fracture as well as spline tooth wear or torsion and other obstacles. For semi-axial fracture, there are several morphologies as follows:

1)  The semi-shaft blue plate falls off or cracks;

2)  Horizontal fracture of half shaft;

3)  Screw fracture of half shaft;

4)  Mixed fracture and crack of half shaft;

5)  half-axis spline fracture;

6)  Other morphologies of half-shaft fracture and crack.

If these conditions occur, the car is mainly driven to the garage or 4S shop in time for repair or replacement.

2. Use the maintenance

In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft and prolong its service life, attention should be paid to:double u joint driveshaft for sale - Xinsanming

1)  Cars are forbidden to start in high gear.

2)  Do not lift the clutch pedal sharply.

3)  Overloading and speeding are strictly prohibited.

4)  The working condition of the drive shaft should be checked frequently.

5)  Should often check the transmission shaft hanger fastening situation, support rubber is damaged, the transmission shaft is loose and loose, transmission shaft deformation.

6)  In order to ensure the dynamic balance of the drive shaft, we should always pay attention to whether the balance welding plate is unwelded. The new drive shaft assembly is provided with a complete set. When loading the new drive shaft, attention should be paid to the assembly mark of the telescopic sleeve, and the flange fork should be guaranteed to be in a plane. When repairing and disassembling the drive shaft, assembly marks should be printed on the telescopic sleeve and flange shaft to keep the original assembly relationship unchanged when reassembling.

7)  Grease should often be added to the universal joint cross bearings. No. 3 lithium grease should be injected in summer and No. 2 lithium grease should be injected in winter.

3. Breakdown maintenance

1) The wear problem

If chassis produces in car driving "buzzing" sound, and run speed is taller, sound is bigger. This is generally due to the universal joint cross shaft and bearing wear loose, drive shaft middle bearing wear, middle rubber support damage or hanger loose, or because the hanger fixed position is not correct.

a)  traditional methods of domestic commonly used for the shaft wear is repair welding, bushings, pitting and other methods, but when the shaft is made of 45 # steel, quenched and tempered treatment, if only by surfacing welding processing, can produce welding stress, in the case of heavy load and high speed, can appear the phenomenon of crack and fracture at shoulder, if use the stress relieving, It is difficult to operate, and the processing cycle is long, high maintenance costs; When the shaft material is HT200, using cast iron welding is not ideal. Some enterprises with higher maintenance technology will adopt brush plating, laser welding, micro arc welding and even cold welding, etc. These maintenance technologies often require higher requirements and high costs.

b)  the latest repair method for the repair technology, enterprises have less common in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the developed countries generally USES a high polymer composite material technology and nanometer technology, polymer technology can be effectively improve the maintenance efficiency, site operation and reduce the intensity of the maintenance cost and maintenance, one of the most widely used is the ka wah technology system. Compared with the traditional technology, the polymer composite material not only has the strength and hardness required by the metal, but also has the concession (variable relationship) that the metal does not have, through "mold repair", "component correspondence", "mechanical processing" and other processes, can maximize ensure the size of the repair parts and matching parts match; At the same time, the composite material itself has the comprehensive advantages of compressive resistance, bending resistance, elongation and so on, can effectively absorb the impact of external forces, greatly resolve and offset the radial impact force of the bearing on the shaft, and avoid the possibility of clearance, it also avoids the secondary wear caused by the increase of clearance of the equipment.

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