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From informatization to digitization, is qualitative change or quantitative change?

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Cross shaft double universal joint shaftsfrom informatization to digitization, is qualitative change or quantitative change?

For the difference between informatization and digitalization, there are various interpretations in the media, and some are collected roughly:

1. Informatization is more focused on system construction and digitalization is more focused on business

2. Informatization is more stable and digitalization is more sensitive

3. Informatization is more inclined to process management, and digitalization is more inclined to business empowerment

4. Informatization is more partial to process and digitalization is more partial to datarear axle u joint shaft cost - Xinsanming

5. Informatization is the perspective of management, while digitalization is the perspective of business

6. Informationization is to reduce cost and increase efficiency, while digitalization is to innovate

7. Information is given priority to by people and supplemented by machines, while digitalization is given priority to by machines and supplemented by people

8. Information is for the physical world activities, digitalization is for the digital world

9. Informatization is from business to data, and digitalization is from data to business

10. What traditional enterprises do is informationization, while what Internet enterprises do is digitalization

11. Informatization depends on software manufacturers, while digitization needs self-reliance

12. Informatization is more of an internal system, while digitalization has more connections with customers and partners (online)

13. Digitization is the advanced stage of informatization, the extensive and in-depth application of informatization, and the extension from collecting and analyzing data to forecasting data and operating data

14. Informationization means that each department builds a separate system to form a data island, while digitalization means that the business is integrated into a closed loop with data

15. Informatization is from business to data, and digitalization is from data to business

Information technology does not change the business model, but digitization will change the business model

17. Digital is when the physical world is frozen (like a pandemic) and business can work

Digitisation is not just the process of moving from physical to digital. The narrower term for this process is digitisation: the conversion of information and documents from analog to digital format, which is simply archiving information. In the process of informatization construction in the past decades, enterprises did not just stop at the link of physical information projection to the digital world. The ultimate purpose of OA, CRM, ERP, BI and management cockpit is to help businesses complete the closed loop and complete effective information transmission and organization execution. In particular, the management concept of ERP involves the data modeling of the physical world, the strict definition of various master data, the simulation of production and sales links, the information interaction between master data and business data, and the optimization of the process to guide the large-scale expansion of production and sales. The closer an enterprise's business logic is to optimization and scale, the easier it is to use ERP's digital logic to describe and guide the entire business system. An optimized acme business, can the physical nodes and node Numbers as a new overall physical nodes, such as unmanned factory, which might involve a lot of things, big data and AI algorithms, but as a whole is very stable, its input and output is the same as a standard parts in the physical world don't have to worry about.

However, in the last decade, all kinds of enterprises have been unable to accurately simulate ERP. As the external environment changes too fast, it is difficult to keep their business logic in the optimized and large-scale range for a long time. Even for Internet enterprises, due to the fast speed of technological iteration and update, it is difficult for some leading enterprises to maintain their competition in the traditional way. The cycle of business optimization and iteration, solidification and expansion is too long, and many enterprises may begin to transform their business before completing a complete cycle. In this environment, an enterprise can settle for a less optimized business digital system and make agile planning in a statistical probabilistic way, allowing certain uncertainties in business and digital systems, which corresponds to big data systems. Another way is for an enterprise to go external to ecological, so that its own business fully integrated into the production system of the whole society, so as to reduce the uncertainty of certain dimensions, so that a new and larger digital business system is needed.

However, the process of enterprise digitization is far from being so simple. Enterprises have other demands for information, such as external transmission of information, information hiding, and information transformation and information security. Even in a pure digital-to-digital conversion process, there can be distortion of information and a sharp increase in costs. At present, most enterprises are not able to fully transparent and lossless transmission of information and completely open to the outside world. For example, most enterprises are not able to directly open their own cost and supplier system information to customers. Even if it is completely open internally, for example, most companies cannot disclose employees' pay and performance internally. In the process of digital construction, enterprises will even introduce many links to deliberately hide and transform information, such as data desensitization analysis within the enterprise. All kinds of public videos will also block some sensitive information about faces or license plates. Even some Internet e-commerce platforms or taxi-hailing platforms, which are considered very thorough digitalization, will create a price system of thousands of people due to the algorithm, forming information distortion. In this day and age, it is unrealistic to simply convey all information lossless with a single set of data systems.

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