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Heavy!! Auto giant BYD is eyeing tractors!

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Agricultural machinery industry, the wolf is coming!

According to Tonghuashun Financial Research Center: according to the Enterprise Check app, on November 1, there was an industrial anddouble u joint driveshaft cost - Xinsanming commercial change in Kasiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., and the business scope of the company added the third category of medical devices; Agricultural machinery manufacturing; Tractor manufacturing, etc. Enterprise investigation information shows that the company was established in 2020, the legal representative is Ma Wenzhou, and the registered capital is 180 million yuan. It is 100% controlled by Xuzhou Tengqiang automobile new energy technology Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYD Automobile Industry Co., Ltd.

This shows that as the largest market value giant in the domestic automobile field, BYD has focused on the agricultural machinery segment of tractor manufacturing.

BYD is the head enterprise of independent automobile brands in China. It is also an enterprise integrating new traditional automobile manufacturing, new energy automobile manufacturing, battery and semiconductor R&D and manufacturing. In recent years, BYD has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy vehicles, and the enterprise has achieved rapid development. Today, BYD has become the largest new energy vehicle factory in China. In the sales ranking in September this year, BYD sold more than 70000 vehicles, ranking the "champion" of domestic new energy vehicle sales, while Tesla ranked second with more than 50000 vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that BYD's market value has recently reached an amazing 920 billion yuan, which is close to four times the total income of enterprises in the domestic agricultural machinery industry! In terms of market value, BYD has exceeded the total market value of SAIC Group, GAC group and Chang'an Automobile, and can be called the largest automobile group in China.

Author believes that as a behemoth in the field of domestic machinery manufacturing and a representative of a leading enterprise in automotive electrification technology, BYD's entry into the agricultural machinery industry, including tractors, is conducive to give play to the catfish effect and greatly promote the iterative upgrading of domestic traditional agricultural machinery R&D and manufacturing. Automobile, construction machinery and agricultural machinery are closely related, but there is no doubt that the industrial competition level of automobile is not at the same level as that of agricultural machinery. The entry of powerful automobile enterprises into the field of agricultural machinery is conducive to the integration of the tractor industry with very low industry concentration and the prevalence of medium and low-end manufacturing. As an industry person, Author is happy to see his success.

At the same time, in view of BYD's strength and achievements in new energy vehicles, if it really enters the tractor field, it will bring a lot of imagination to the tractor electrification technology.

In recent years, the three major domestic construction machinery giants have set foot in the agricultural machinery industry. 

In addition to Zoomlion, which has become the leading enterprise in the field of domestic agricultural machinery, XCMG, the boss of construction machinery, has been quietly making efforts. Second Sany Heavy Industry also completed the registration and changed to enter the preheating of agricultural machinery some time ago. In addition, China railway construction heavy industry, a construction machinery enterprise under the central enterprise China Railway Construction Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in roadheader equipment, rail transit equipment and special professional equipment, has made some achievements and fame in the field of large cotton harvesters in Xinjiang in recent years; Liu Gong, a well-known construction machinery enterprise, recently made a big "sword" at the international agricultural machinery exhibition held in Qingdao. A variety of high-end tractors and sugarcane harvesters attracted the attention of the participants.

Another concern is that the agricultural machinery business of Biguiyuan, the "No. 1 real estate giant in the universe", is also in full swing. In the past two years, many agricultural machinery enterprises have hired high salaries to engage in the research of "intelligent agricultural machinery". It is said that there are 400 R&D personnel engaged in the development of intelligent control and software platform.

As industrial capital forms a new wave of strong investment in agricultural machinery, the domestic agricultural machinery industry may usher in a new round of great changes. If automobile giants such as BYD really want to do a good job in agricultural machinery, it will even affect the competitive trend of the global agricultural machinery industry in the future. For the majority of agricultural machinery colleagues, we should not only have a sense of urgency, but also full of confidence. In the past, many people in the agricultural machinery industry felt very low self-esteem. Now you have a stage for more performance, and strive for China's agricultural machinery to truly move towards the international market and occupy the global high-end value chain of agricultural machinery.

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