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How to build standardized warehousing?

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The standardization of warehousing has been recognized and realized by everyenterprise. From the operation process, to visual,cardan axle shaft - Xinsanming and to the docking process, all of them need the support of standardization.

The benefits of standardization are obvious. In terms of the standardization of personnel operations, if there is no standardization of operations, the efforts of employees will not be unified with the overall development direction of the company, resulting in a lot of waste of manpower and material resources.

In addition, due to the lack of reference, employees are easy to form slack over time, resulting in work slack. This is especially true for the labour-intensive warehousing industry.

What does standardization bring to the workforce?

It is the most efficient, safe and cost-effective way to work by combining the wisdom and skills of employees for many years.

It provides a best way to preserve skills and expertise. If an employee knows the best way to do a job and doesn't share that knowledge, that knowledge will be lost. Only through standardization and institutionalization can this knowledge be retained within the company, regardless of employee turnover.

It provides a way to measure performance. The job description describes what an employee is expected to do, and the work standard specifies whether it is qualified or excellent. Such as sweeping the floor every day, swept, swept clean, trash can empty, is completely different. With established criteria, managers can evaluate job performance.

To achieve comprehensive standardization, we also need to make efforts in the following four aspects:

1. Cargo location optimization

Classify goods according to their categories and arrange them in an orderly manner, replacing the name, category and other information of the goods with simple words, symbols or numbers. Scientific cargo coding is conducive to accurate cargo coding, which can quickly carry out warehousing operations and improve operation efficiency.

In order to make the warehousing management orderly and facilitate the operation of warehousing in and out of the warehouse, the tallyman should divide the storage space into several areas according to the storage requirements and characteristics of clothing, and form the goods space and number them. On the one hand, it is convenient for the difference of goods space and on the other hand, it is convenient for the sorting operation and efficient sorting operation.

2. Multilevel inventory

The personnel who participate in the initial inventory, reinventory, inventory drawing and inventory monitoring must be trained according to the inventory management procedures, so that the inventory personnel must fully understand the inventory procedures, inventory methods, inventory forms and other processes; To conduct cargo identification training for inventory review and inventory monitoring personnel, because most of them are not familiar with the goods, we should strengthen the inventory review and inventory monitoring personnel to identify the goods, which is conducive to the inventory work.

3. Routine operation

Ensure that all the work before the warehousing of goods is fully prepared, the warehousing operation process of goods is standardized and effective, the contents of goods acceptance are comprehensive and the methods are proper, the documents are filled in correctly and standardized, the division of labor is clear, all departments have good cooperation, and the abnormal problems in the warehousing acceptance process are handled properly and in place. For example, dealing with incomplete documents, single discrepancy, quality discrepancy, quantity discrepancy, and single no goods, error inspection and other problems.

Therefore, the timely deployment of professional system can standardize the warehouse operation process, careful organization, reasonable arrangement, as far as possible with a reasonable logistics cost to ensure that the warehouse goods in accordance with the quality, quantity, timely, safe delivery to customers, to ensure that the operation is efficient, accurate, low consumption, orderly.

4. Goods and equipment information

With the development of enterprises, enterprises need to increase investment in all aspects, and especially in storage management needs to increase investment in storage sites, storage facilities, handling equipment, sorting equipment, bar code technology and other aspects.

  The application of bar code technology can effectively solve the low efficiency of enterprises, inventory control difficult, difficult management of goods, but also calmly respond to the unpredictable market.

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