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Industrial robots and their key technologies

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Rear axle u joint shaft: industrial robots and their key technologies

1. Laser processing robot

Laser processing robot is the application of robot technology in laser processing, through high-precision industrial robots to achieve more flexible laser processing operations. The system can be operated online through the teaching box, and can also be programmed offline. Through automatic detection of the workpiece, the system can produce the model of the workpiece, and then generate the machining curve, and can also use CAD data to directly process. It can be used for laser surface treatment, drilling, welding and mold repair of workpiece.

Ø Key technologies include:

(1) Laser processing robot structure optimization design technology: using a large range of frame-type ontology structure, whilecustom centered cardan wheel drive shaft - Xinsanming increasing the scope of operation, to ensure the robot accuracy;

(2) Error compensation technology of robot system: aiming at the requirements of large workspace and high precision of integrated machining robot, combined with its structural characteristics, a hybrid robot compensation method combining non-model method and model-based method is adopted to complete the compensation of geometric parameter error and non-geometric parameter error.

(3) High-precision robot detection technology: the combination of CMM technology and robot technology realizes high-precision online robot measurement.

(4) Laser processing robot special language implementation technology: according to the characteristics of laser processing and robot operation, complete laser processing robot special language.

(5) Network communication and offline programming technology: with serial port, CAN and other network communication functions, to achieve the monitoring and management of the robot production line; and realize the host computer off-line programming control of the robot.

2. Vacuum robot

Vacuum robot is a robot that works in a vacuum environment. It is mainly used in the semiconductor industry to transfer wafers in a vacuum chamber. Vacuum manipulator is difficult to import, limited, large amount, strong versatility, which has become a key component that restricts the research and development progress of the semiconductor equipment and the competitiveness of the product. And foreign buyers of Chinese strict review, belonging to the embargo product catalog; vacuum manipulator has become a serious restriction of China's semiconductor equipment manufacturing "neck" problem. Direct drive vacuum robot technology belongs to original innovation technology.

Ø Key technologies include:

(1) New configuration design technology of vacuum robot: through structural analysis and optimization design, avoiding international patents, the new configuration design meets the requirements of stiffness and expansion ratio of vacuum robot;

(2) Large gap vacuum direct drive motor technology: it involves theoretical analysis, structure design, production process, surface treatment of motor materials, low speed large torque control, small multi-axis driver and other aspects of large gap vacuum direct drive motor and high clean direct drive motor.

(3) Design of multi-axis precision shafting in vacuum environment. The design method of shaft in shaft is adopted to reduce the problems of different centers and asymmetry of inertia between shafts.

(4) Dynamic trajectory correction technology: through the fusion of sensor information and robot motion information, the deviation between the reference position between the wafer and the finger is detected, and the dynamic trajectory correction ensures that the robot can accurately transfer the wafer from one station in the vacuum chamber to another station.

(5) Vacuum robot language in accordance with SEMI standards: according to the requirements of vacuum robot handling, robot operation characteristics and SEMI standards complete the vacuum robot language.

(6) Reliability system engineering technology: in IC manufacturing, equipment failure will bring huge losses. According to the high requirements of semiconductor equipment for MCBF, the reliability of each component is tested, evaluated and controlled to improve the reliability of each component of the manipulator, so as to ensure that the manipulator meets the high requirements of IC manufacturing.

3. Cleaning robot

Clean robot is an industrial robot used in clean environment. With the continuous improvement of production technology, its requirements for the production environment are becoming increasingly demanding. Many modern industrial products are required to be produced in a clean environment. Clean robots are the key equipment needed for production in a clean environment.

Ø Key technologies include:

(1) Clean lubrication technology: through the use of negative dust suppression structure and non-volatile grease, to achieve no particle pollution to the environment, to meet the clean requirements.

(2) High-speed and stable control technology: through trajectory optimization and improvement of joint servo performance, the smoothness of clean handling is realized.

(3) Controller miniaturization technology: according to the high cost of clean room construction and operation, the controller miniaturization technology can reduce the space occupied by clean robots.

(4) Wafer detection technology: through the optical sensor, the robot can scan and obtain the information of missing wafer and inclination in the card box.

With the development of intelligent equipment, the advantages of robots in industrial manufacturing are becoming more and more obvious, and robot enterprises are springing up like mushrooms. But it is the champions who dominate.

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