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Jewish god thinking, very worth learning!

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There is a saying that goes like this:"Three Jews together can change the world."Jews have long been known as the world's leading Jewish story - Xinsanmingbusinessmen.

By some estimates, half of the world's richest entrepreneurs are Jewish; Jews make up 40 percent of America's richest families.

A lot of people are wondering, what made the Jews achieve this amazing feat?

In the Talmud, the Jewish bible, every Jewish child, as he or she grows up, is asked one question:"If one day your house burned down, what would you run away with?"If the child is going to take something valuable, the mother will tell them, "My child, it is not money, it is not diamonds, but your knowledge, your way of thinking."

The following two stories are the best Jewish thought patterns that can be read and used for a lifetime.

1.     Baffling lenders

A Jew walks into a Bank in New York and says to the loan manager, "I want to borrow some money."

The manager asked, "Sure, how much do you want to borrow?"

"$1. Can I?"

"Certainly, as long as it is guaranteed, more won't hurt."

The Jew drew from his bag a pile of stocks, bonds, and so on, and put them on the manager's desk.

"That's half a million dollars. Is that enough?"

"Ofcourse. But do you really only want to borrow a dollar?"

"Yes." With that, the Jew took the dollar.

"The annual interest rate is 6 per cent. We can give them back to you as long as you pay 6 percent interest and return them in a year."

"Thank you."

The Jew said this and began to leave the bank.

The branch manager, who had been watching, could not understand what was going on.

So he ran after him and said to the Jews:

"Well, Sir, I really don't understand, you have half a million dollars, why only borrow one dollar? If you want to borrow $300,000, $400,000, we'll be happy to do that..."

The Jew smiled and said:

"Please don't worry about me. Before I came to your bank, I checked with several banks, and the rent for safe deposit boxes is very high.

So I'm going to deposit these shares with your bank at a very cheap rent of six cents a year."


There is a sentence in”Zhouyi”:

"Easy poverty leads to change, change leads to success, general rule for a long time."

In life, there is not only one solution to any problem. When we cannot solve it with our fixed thinking, we need to find another way.

Change the way of thinking, crisis is opportunity;

Change Angle, learn to be flexible, can open the door to wealth.

2.     Value of scrap

In 1946, a Jewish father and son came to the United States to start a copper business in Houston.

One day the father asked his son what was the price of a pound of copper?

The son replied 35 cents.

The father said, "Yes, everyone knows copper costs 35 cents a pound, but try making a pound of it into a door handle."

The son did what his father told him to do and made a door handle for a pound of copper, which he sold for 10 times the original price.

Twenty years later, his father died, leaving his son to run his own copper shop.

He made drums, reeds for Swiss watches, Olympic MEDALS, and at one point sold a pound of copper for $3,500.

But it was a pile of rubbish in New York State that really made his name.

In 1974, the U.S. government renovated the Statue of Liberty, inviting public bids to clean up the waste left behind.

But months passed and no one responded, and no one thought the waste had any value.

He was traveling in France when he heard about it. He flew to New York, saw the piles of copper and screws and wood, and signed them right away.

The next day, he began organizing workers to sort the waste.

He had it melted down and made a little statue of Liberty. Work the base from blocks of cement and wood; Waste lead, waste aluminum into New York City plaza keys.

In less than three months, he turned the scrap pile into $3.5 million in cash, doubling the price of a pound of copper by a factor of 10, 000.


Heard a sentence:

"Garbage is mislaid resources."

On the road of life, there are always all kinds of "garbage" that people dislike.

When you come across it, don't be disheartened and discouraged.

Do not be confused by the surface of things, through the phenomenon to see the essence, change the position, change the way of thinking, can always find new opportunities.

Just like the Jew in the story, he sees the value in waste when everyone else thinks it is garbage and "turns it into treasure".

The philosopher Schopenhauer said, "The greatest prison in the world is the mind."

Most of the time, what really limits our development is often our original thinking.

The story of these five Jews tells us that the best way of thinking in the world is to break down the walls of the mind and break the cognitive inertia of the brain.

Turn your mind around and see opportunity in the impossible.

Look at a problem from another Angle, turn unfavorable factors into favorable conditions;

Learn to think backwards, stand on the opposite side of the result backwards, and find a new way to solve difficulties.

Only by changing your mind and thinking what others dare not think, can you do what ordinary people cannot do.

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