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The development trend facing the automobile manufacturing industry

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-18      Origin: Site

The realistic problems facing the development of automobile manufacturing industry urgently need to solve the upgrading problem of automobile manufacturing industry.

The automobile manufacturing industry has experienced two revolutions of assembly line production and lean production in more than 130 years of development, and is now undergoing the third revolution led by new energy and intelligent technology. Facing a new round of technological revolution and globalization of the new situation of development, the upgrade of the modern car manufacturing system in our country, and must be "the real economy, science and technology innovation, the coordinated development of modern finance, human resources," one of the important process, the core problem is to improve the quality, level, efficiency and benefit in industry, speed up the implementation to the automotive power transformation.Agriculture Machinery Double Universal Joint Half Shaft price-Xin Sanming

The upgrading of automobile manufacturing industry involves the remolding of production system, manufacturing system, service system and other links, which is an integral, systematic, complex and comprehensive reform process. The upstream and downstream production enterprises and links of automobile are part of the overall production process. New technology leads the traditional manufacturing productivity development, with ethnic penetration and diffusion of technology, industry, productivity elements such as automobile enterprise intelligence, digital platform space configuration, improve the proportion of advanced factors of production, expand the boundaries and scope of automotive production factors, optimize the distribution of the factors of production, production tools to develop in the direction of intelligent, virtualization. The change of the original production mode of the automobile industry has formed a variety of new links between the upstream and downstream industrial chains within the automobile industry and new products and services.

The development of intelligent network connected new energy vehicles, so that the car from a simple means of transportation, expand to mobile living space, entertainment space, office space, become a mobile energy source and information source; Based on the data driven by automotive products and synthetic upgrade of manufacturing system, including traditional vehicle production enterprises, spare parts production enterprises, smart software and hardware vendors constitute new industry ecosystem, the formation of transverse and longitudinal "end-to-end" link and collection, between various factories in the realization of the whole industry chain of unicom and efficient collaboration; The automotive production framework with the main features of "battery, motor and electric" presents the characteristics of "software + hardware + network", and the traditional organizational framework of leading manufacturers is correspondingly adjusted to benefit sharing platform -- network industry chain structure.

China has made clear the direction of manufacturing upgrading during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, that is, industrial digitalization and digital industrialization, and the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing. The new round of scientific and technological revolution, represented by breakthrough technologies such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and new energy technologies, is causing profound changes in global manufacturing and bringing about a "second window of opportunity". In the face of great changes unseen in the world in a century and the industry in nearly 30 years, in order to enhance the advanced degree, complexity and development level of the automobile manufacturing industry and promote the high-quality development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, it depends on technological progress to make greater contributions:

1. Basic research is an important support for automobile manufacturing industry.

In order to truly change the situation of technological imitation, in addition to forming the innovation ability of the bottom "point", it is necessary to increase the breakthrough of key fields and basic projects, and strive to improve the technological strength and innovation ability of the whole industry on the "surface". It is necessary to construct the innovation network of China's automobile manufacturing industry, and form an innovation system or ecosystem composed of enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities, financial institutions, technical standard services, technology incubation and other links. By building, supplementing, extending, strengthening and expanding chains, the overall level of basic research and industrial chain will be improved.

2. We will accelerate structural reform of the automobile industry.

The bottom of a strong automobile manufacturing country should be solid automobile and new energy vehicle parts manufacturing. Without strong component manufacturing, there is no support for high-quality development of automobile manufacturing. It is necessary to promote the supply-side structural reform of the automobile industry, solve the problem of resource mismatch, and improve the efficiency of resource allocation. On the premise of keeping or increasing the proportion of the automobile industry basically stable, it is necessary to promote the quality, efficiency and upgrading transformation of the automobile industry, so as to reshape China's automobile industry with power reform, efficiency reform and quality reform. Cultivate and enhance its new competitive advantage in the international and domestic double cycle.

3. Enhance the position of the automotive industry in the global value chain.

To promote the high-quality development of automobile manufacturing industry, it is urgent to break through the "low-end lock" of China's automobile manufacturing industry in the global value chain division of labor system. Intelligent, electrification technology and other advanced elements present the characteristics of increasing marginal returns, allocating more advanced elements for the upgrading of the automobile industry, such as increasing the proportion of senior technical personnel and enterprise management personnel, vigorously promoting the intelligent transformation of automobile production lines, increasing investment in the field of new energy (battery, hydrogen energy), etc. Automobile industry value chain senior elements to replace the primary factor, get rid of the traditional automobile manufacturing industry pursued in the process of path dependence, to develop the independent innovation, realize the auto manufacturing by assembly, processing, to the front end is given priority to with knowledge and technology in the industry of r&d link, mobile core parts research steps, improve the added value of auto manufacturing and status in the global value chain, So as to achieve industrial upgrading.

4. We will vigorously promote the strategy of integrated development among automobile manufacturing industries.

In a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, the product scope of application, performance properties of car manufacturing, and the relationship with other social infrastructure are in change, need to practice of high-end, digitalization, clustering, cto, sharing, the development of internationalization, branding, green concept, with the help of big data, artificial intelligence, Internet and other modern information technology, We will accelerate the development of service-oriented manufacturing and manufacturing-oriented service industries, and build infrastructure that integrates people, vehicles, roads, Internet, terminals and cloud. Promote the mutual integration and penetration of "scientific spirit", "innovative spirit", "craftsman spirit" and "rule of law spirit" of the automobile manufacturing industry and the whole society, form a powerful force of innovation-driven development, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the automobile manufacturing industry through the realization of the "double carbon" goal, and then realize the dream of automobile manufacturing power.

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