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The Jewish Thinking of God is worth learning (2)

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There is a saying that goes like this: "Three Jews together can change the world." Jews have long been known as the world's leading businessmen. The following three stories are the best Jewish thought patterns that can be read and used for a lifetime.

1.     A way to eliminate noise

The elder Shakur, a teacher of Jewish descent, retired to buy a house near the school to spend his old age in peace. Soon after he moved in, he found three young children playing in a small garden nearby every day. The excessive noise made Shaq so upset that he couldn't sleep well every day. Finally, one day, Shaq decided to negotiate with them. He pulled the three children over and said, "I love to watch you play. If you come every day, I'll give each of you a dollar a day." The three children were excited to hear that there was money to play with, and they played more madly. But three days later, Shaq said to them with a regretful face,

"I'm sorry, boys, but inflation has reduced my income. I can only give you 50 cents a day starting tomorrow." The child was not in high spirits, but reluctantly accepted Shaq's terms. The next week, Shaq came back to the kids and said, "I'm really sorry that I haven't received my pension check recently, so I can only give you twenty cents a day." At this, the three children were both upset and angry. They said: "Come on, we're not going to give you a show every day for twenty cents, we're not coming!" In this way, Shaq finally found peace.


Many times encounter difficulties, blindly use tough means to solve, often counterproductive.

Just like the children in the story, if you force them to leave, they will only have a rebellious mentality and become worse.

But change the way of thinking, stand in the perspective of the child to think, gradually guide, and finally can perfect the solution to the problem.

Learn to stand in a different Angle to look at the problem, all the problems, will be solved. Memory of a tree

A Jewish businessman has his eye on a Small Japanese island and has invested heavily in developing a resort there.

But because the island is so small, few people visited the resort after it was built.

The Jews were reluctant to make ends meet and the losses were growing.

Then one of his friends suggested that he plant trees around the resort and increase the green coverage to attract tourists.

This was a good idea, but it was not easy to plant trees on a desolate island.

Then the Jewish businessman had an idea. He advertised a campaign to plant a "memorial tree".

He announced to the outside world that the island has been dedicated to provide special services for tourists.

Visitors can plant trees to commemorate weddings, families and so on.

The creative AD quickly went viral and thousands of tourists flocked to the island to plant their own memorial trees as the holiday season began.

Within two years, the island was covered with trees.

In the process, the Jewish merchants paid nothing.

He also charges tourists 300 yen for a sapling, which alone brought in a profit of about 6 million yen.


There is an old saying, "borrow a goose to lay an egg", which means to achieve one's goals with the help of others.

When you hit a dead end, it's better to change your role and your mindset than to just stop and wait.

The way of thinking determines the way out. The right way of thinking often will get twice the result with half the effort.

White pebble

Many years ago, a Jewish merchant owed a large sum of money to a loan shark.

The usurer was old and ugly, but he coveted the beautiful young daughter of the Jewish merchant.

So the loan shark came up with a plan. They were in the merchant's back garden, down a path of black and white cobblestones.

The usurer stooped, picked up two pebbles, put them in his pocket, and asked the Jewish daughter to take one of them.

They agreed:

If she chose the black pebble, she would marry a usurer to pay off her father's debt. If she chooses white Pebble, she won't have to marry him and her debt will be forgiven. But the sharp-eyed girl had long found that they were two black pebbles exactly the same, and she could not choose the white one. She reached into the usurper's pocket and quickly pulled out a pebble. But before anyone could see it, she pretended to have accidentally lost it.

There were black and white pebbles everywhere, and it was impossible to tell which one had just fallen. So the girl said to the usurer: "Take the one that is left in your pocket. If it is white, I will take the black one; If it's black, I'll take it out white."

Loan shark helpless, had to take out the remaining one, as expected is black, so the girl chose that one can only be white. Then the debt is written off, and the maiden does not have to marry him.


When mathematician Carl Jacoby talked about his method of learning, he often said:

"Think the other way, always the other way."

When we can't solve the problem from the front, don't forget to think from the back.

Like the girl in the story, she drops the chosen pebble and uses the remaining one to decide the final result.

Learn to think backwards, break the habit of thinking and you can often surprise.

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