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Three types of industrial robots and their key technologies

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Rear axle u joint shaft: three types of industrial robots and their key technologies

In recent years, with the development of technology, industrial robot technology changes with each passing day, so in the end different types of industrial machines are involved in what high-tech content of technology?

1. Mobile Robot (AGV)

Mobile robot (AGV) is a type of industrial robot, it is controlled by computer, with mobile, automatic navigation, multi-sensor control, network interaction and other functions, it can be widely used in machinery, electronics, textile, cigarette, medical, food, paper and other industries flexible handling, transmission and other functions. Also used in automated warehouse, flexible processing system, flexible assembly system (AGV as a mobile assembly platform); At the same time, it can be used as a means of transportation in sorting goods at stations, airports and post offices.

One of the new trend of international logistics technology development, and the mobile robot is one of the core technology and equipment, with modern logistics technology cooperation, support, and transform and upgrade traditional production line, the elevated box to realize point-to-point automatic access storage, operation and handling, the combination of refinement, flexibility, information, shorten the logistics flow, reduce material consumption, reduce cover an area of an area, Reduce construction investment and other high and new technology and equipment.

2. Spot welding robot

The welding robot has the characteristics of stable performance, large working space, fast movement speed and strong load capacity, and the welding quality is obviously better than manual welding, which greatly improves the productivity of spot welding.

Spot welding robot is mainly used for the welding work of the whole automobile, and the production process is completed by therear axle u joint shaft manufacturer - Xinsanming major automobile OEMS. By virtue of long-term cooperation with major automobile enterprises, international industrial robot enterprises provide various kinds of spot welding robot unit products to major automobile manufacturers and enter China in the form of welding robot and vehicle production line, occupying a dominant position in the market.

With the development of automobile industry, welding production line requires the integration of welding clamp, weight is getting bigger and bigger, 165 kg spot welding robot is the most commonly used robot in automobile welding. In September 2008, the robot Research Institute developed the first 165kg spot welding robot in China and successfully applied it in Chery Automobile welding workshop. In September 2009, the second robot with optimized and improved performance was completed and passed the acceptance smoothly. The overall technical indicators of the robot have reached the level of similar foreign robots.

3. Arc welding robot

Arc welding robots are mainly used in the welding production of various auto parts. In this field, international large industrial robot manufacturers mainly provide unit products to complete equipment suppliers.

Key technologies include:

(1) Arc welding robot system optimization and integration technology: Arc welding robot adopts AC servo drive technology, RV reducer and harmonic reducer with high precision and high rigidity, which has good low-speed stability and high-speed dynamic response, and can realize maintenance-free function.

(2) Coordination control technology: control the coordinated movement of multiple robots and positioners, which can not only maintain the relative posture of welding gun and workpiece to meet the requirements of welding process, but also avoid the collision of welding gun and workpiece.

(3) Accurate seam track tracking technology: Combining laser sensors and the advantages of visual sensors work offline mode, in the process of welding seam tracking is realized by using laser sensor, improve welding robot welding was carried out on the complicated workpiece flexible and adaptive, combined with vision sensors off-line observation to obtain the residual deviation of seam tracking, compensated based on deviation statistics and robot trajectory correction, The best welding quality can be obtained under various working conditions.

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