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Universal joint axle shaft: make a good production plan, easily solve the factory chaos

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Universal joint axle shaft: make a good production plan, easily solve the factory chaos

Establishing and perfecting the management system, standardizing and constraining everyone's behavior, finally establishing a good production order, eliminating chaos, these are the basis of doing a good job in production management and standardizing production planning.

1. In the factory, we have some common production phenomena:

1)  Before and after the process of semi-finished products or materials do not connect, I want you do not come, I do not want but desperately come;

2)  In the factory, the semi-finished products of each production department are stacked up like warehouses, and the production cannot flow smoothly like a cloud and water;

3)  The production schedule is only a form, you make your plan, I make my products, the production plan is low, and the production plan does not have prestige;

4)  The production schedule changes frequently, either adding or canceling;

5)  There are so many urgent orders that the production plan cannot be carried out.

6)  Production disorder, quality will follow out of control, out of control of quality rework, and disrupt the original production plan;

7)  The backlog of materials, parts or finished products is too large, resulting in the difficulty of enterprise capital scheduling;

8)  Endless overtime, day in and day out, people become production machines;

9)  Frequent delays in delivery affect the company's reputation.

One of the reasons for the above confusion is the lack of necessary system support for production work, and there is no certain standard to regulate product sales, sales plan and production plan, production plan and material plan, production plan and production dispatching work.

On a deeper level, the problem lies in the production operation process itself. The production management department deviates from the work function of the command center and the operation hub, and becomes the subsidiary unit of the production department, which is the root cause of the above disorder.

Therefore, the establishment of both scientific, and suitable for the actual enterprise production management system, standardized job responsibilities and specific work flow has become the key to solve the above chaos, so how to do a good production plan?

2.  Standardize the production management systemsingle double cardan shaft supplier - xinsanming

Production disorder and unstable production are common in many factories. The crux mainly comes from the failure of factories to establish a production management system for operation, and the lack of management and control of production command centers and strong arbitrariness.

As the scale of the enterprise grows larger, it will become more chaotic, and even a vicious cycle of dilemmas.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the system construction, from the sales department to the production department, establish and improve the management system, standardize and constrain everyone's behavior, finally establish a good production order, eliminate chaos, these are the basis of good production management, standardize the production plan.

3.  Capacity load analysis

Lack of capacity analysis and understanding, the "Production plan" drawn up by experience is often inconsistent with the actual implementation status, "Production plan" is difficult to implement, production management cannot play its due function.

These require enterprise production management personnel from product types, production and manufacturing processes and various processes need to use machinery and equipment to comprehensively consider the capacity.

By comparing the load of existing machinery and equipment and production tasks, long-term or short-term adjustment of capacity can be made when excess or insufficient capacity is known.

1)  Short-term capacity adjustment

In the lack of adequate advance planning and preparation, or the product and quantity have a large change, resulting in the human or machine load and demand imbalance.

2)  Long-term capacity adjustment

When the machine capacity is insufficient, it can be considered to extend the working hours or add new equipment to improve the output. As for the production factors, the final decision is whether to extend the working hours or add new equipment after considering the cost and production efficiency.

4.  Balance sales plan and production plan

1) Production enterprises can be divided into inventory production enterprises and order production enterprises according to the different relationship between production and marketing. The former emphasizes production in accordance with established plans, while the sales department depends on products, market conditions and sales methods.

Make the sales forecast, and set the minimum finished product stock according to this, carry out series production; the latter is to receive customer orders, and then start to arrange production.

2)  Plan formulation

(1)  Sales plan

In reality, in many factories, there is no annual sales plan in advance, or there is an annual plan, the sales department receives orders every month, either more than the original plan, or far from the original plan.

As a result, the whole factory, including production management, quality control, materials, production and personnel departments, are in a rush to deal with it, which eventually leads to the extension of delivery time, the inability to improve output, and the great impact on production efficiency and product quality.

At this time, enterprise managers often blame the production department. In fact, when all kinds of production factors are relatively stable, most of the chaos comes from the lack of a reliable sales plan, which leads to the inability to make a perfect production plan, and the schedule control is naturally challenged.

Therefore, no matter the inventory production type or the ordering production type, the sales department should do a good job of market survey and forecast every year, and fully consider the customer category, product category, order number, delivery time and other factors to formulate the annual monthly sales plan, which is the basis for the normal development of production work.

(2)  Monthly plan

Around the 20th day of each month, the sales department puts forward the sales (shipment) plan for the next month. The shipment plan should consider the order status and the actual load of the production department.

Before the end of the month, the sales department, technology Department, Supply Department and Production Department will review the sales (shipment) plan of the next month put forward by the Sales Department.

The sales department finally determines the relatively detailed plan, the technology department determines the technology research and development (adjustment) plan, the supply department determines the purchase plan, the production management department proposes the next month's production plan,

The sales department, production management department and technical department shall conduct "production and sales coordination" to determine the production task. In addition, the production department shall set aside a certain amount of time (generally around 5%) for additional urgent orders.

In addition to the annual and monthly plans, the sales and production departments should make weekly and daily plans to ensure that the execution cycle of the plans is as short as possible, so as to have a more detailed control of the overall situation and remedy problems in time.

3)  Job assignment

After the production plan is determined, the production department should arrange the production plan of the team as the unit. For the same product, the time arrangement of the production process should be able to connect, so that the flow of semi-finished products can be smooth. A certain buffer amount should be reserved between the team and the team to avoid the connection or too much accumulation.

4)  Preparation before production planning

(1) whether the materials are complete;

(2) Familiar with the company's products and product processing;

(3) ways of using materials;

(4) Understand the market demand;

(5) Understand the staff dynamics and the normal operation of the machine and the complete set of primary materials;

(6) Effective tracking and control of production schedule;

(7) The production instruction should be careful, accurate, not less, leakage;

(8) Timely feedback and follow-up of information;

(9) Due consideration of abnormal conditions;

(10) Understand the workshop capacity;

(11) Manage independent demands well;

(12) Quality situation and quality control;

(13) Under normal circumstances, the schedule should not be too tight to consider the insertion of urgent orders;

(14) Understand the product, related process and bottleneck process: purchase before process; (15) Understand the performance of materials;

(16) Follow up material procurement cycle and material arrival;

(17) Reasonable deployment of personnel;

(18) Contact with supply and storage department and personnel to ensure the supply of materials;

(19) Liaise with engineering and technical departments for technical support;

(20) Make and view the corresponding series plans, such as product development plan, production scheduling plan,

Personnel planning, capacity planning and load planning, inventory planning, shipment planning, material planning, outsourcing planning, etc.

5. Schedule

1) Schedule (order production type)

Plan a schedule for the whole process from the sales department receiving orders to the production department completing production and shipment, from which we can get:

(1) How to connect the whole process.

(2) How to simplify the whole process and how to shorten the time to win orders.

(3) Set a standard time for the work of each stage in the process, which can be used as:

A  Standard delivery time for orders received by the sales department.

B  Production management basis for production planning.

C  Pointers for progress control of each group.

The order production schedule usually uses the reverse scheduling method, that is, after the shipment date is determined, the production plan, material plan, purchase plan schedule is carefully arranged.

2)  People tend to focus on the production department for the speed of delivery. In fact, the production time is only a part of the total time, and the production time is the most difficult to reduce.

We should try to shorten the time from the aspects of product design time, procurement time, delivery time and so on. Product design, material procurement and product production are interactive and complementary.

Which products are in high market demand and have a long life cycle can be produced by inventory. Which products are in small demand and have a short life cycle can be ordered.

6. Production schedule management

1)  Content of production schedule management

From the schedule benchmark process, we can see that the output of a product needs to go through many departments and personnel, and each department and personnel should have its own progress, and master and control it.

Unlike some enterprises that regard production schedule as the responsibility of the manufacturing department and ignore schedule management, schedule management can be summarized into the following aspects:

(1) Transactional progress

Control the time of material analysis, ordering etc. after receiving customer order.

(2) Procurement schedule

The procured materials and parts shall have a standard purchase time and be strictly controlled.

(3) Inspection progress

The acceptance time of materials should be controlled.

(4) Outsourcing progress

Control the processing and production schedule of entrusted outsourcing units.

(5) Production schedule

It is controlled by both manufacturing department and production management.

2)  Progress management method

The more commonly used schedule control methods are

(1) Batch control method

The PRODUCTION plan IS WRITTEN in batches and serves as a benchmark for schedule management. This method is suitable for inventory production products.

(2) Order control law

This method is suitable for the order production type, each order is made up of a number (sometimes the order is very large, and delivery in batches, installments, can also be taken apart to issue a manufacturing order), this practice is the most common in general enterprises.

3)  Basic process of production schedule management

(1) The sales department signed sales orders based on the capacity load feedback from the production management personnel.

(2) The sales department shall arrange the sales plan (order number, product, quantity and delivery time of total and detailed items) after consultation with the production management department.

(3) The production management department shall make quarterly, monthly and weekly production plans according to the factory capacity and sales plan.

(4) The purchasing department shall determine the incoming material plan according to the production plan and material inventory and negotiate with suppliers to determine the incoming material plan in time.

(5) Purchasing personnel verify and follow up the progress of incoming materials.

(6) Warehouse personnel prepare required materials in advance, and report to purchasing personnel in advance if insufficient.

(7) The production department shall control the capacity and implement the control of the production schedule according to the production plan, and timely feedback to the production management personnel for timely control and adjustment when problems are found.

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