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Vehicle running system

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Vehicle running system

The vehicle driving system consists of the body, the axle, the wheels and the suspension. The wheels are supported on each axle (front axle, rear axle), in order to reduce the vibration of the car when driving on uneven road surface, the axle is connected with the body through elastic suspension.

The car suspension system is composed of springs and shock absorbers between the body and tires. The suspension system should support the body and improve the feeling of riding. Different suspension Settings will make the driver have different driving feelings. The seemingly simple suspension system integrates various forces to determine the stability, comfort and safety of a car.

The main role of the car driving systemdouble universal joint axle shaft company - Xinsanming

Vehicle driving system is to connect the whole car as a whole, and support the whole car quality, accept the torque from the transmission system, and through the attachment of driving wheels and road surface, the road surface of the car's traction. Transfer and bear the road action on the wheel of the various forces and torque, ease the impact of uneven road caused by the car and reduce the vibration of the body.

 Automotive steering system

A series of devices used to change or keep a car moving or reversing direction is called automotive steering.

The method of realizing automobile steering is that the driver makes the wheels (steering wheels) on the automobile steering bridge (generally the front axle) deflect a certain Angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the automobile through a specially designed mechanism.

Automobile braking system

Automobile braking system refers to a series of specialized devices that apply a certain force to some parts of the automobile (mainly the wheels) so as to impose a certain degree of forced braking.

1) Function of braking systemdouble u joint half shaft for sale - Xinsanming

Make the driving car according to the driver's requirements for forced deceleration and even stop; Stable parking of stopped vehicles under various road conditions, including on ramps; Keep a car going downhill at a steady speed.

2) Car body

The main function of automobile body is to protect the driver and form a good aerodynamics environment. A good body can not only bring better performance, but also reflect the personality of the owner. Automobile body structure from the form, mainly divided into non-bearing type and bearing type two.

The car of non-bearing type body has rigid frame, also known as chassis big beam frame. The body is suspended on the frame and connected with elastic components. The vibration of the frame is transmitted to the car body through the elastic components, and most of the vibration is weakened or eliminated. When the collision occurs, the frame can absorb most of the impact force and protect the car body when driving on bad road. Therefore, the deformation of the car is small, the stability and safety is good, and the noise in the car is low.

The bearing type body of the car has no rigid frame, but strengthens the front, side, rear, bottom plate and other parts, the body and the bottom frame together constitute the rigid space structure of the body. This kind of bearing type body should bear all kinds of load directly, in addition to its inherent carrying function. This form of body has a large anti-bending and anti-torsion stiffness, small mass, low height, low center of mass, simple assembly, high speed driving stability is good. However, the road load will be directly transmitted to the body through the suspension device, so the noise and vibration are larger.

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