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Warehouse delicacy management

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Warehouses, no matter the size of the business, or even just a small store down the street, are common. Is indispensable in the xinsanmingfactory, but the core tasks often is the production factory, so the manufacturing plant, technical department, engineering department, quality department seems status, warehouse is often forgotten, whether from the tall on the organizational structure of a corner of the warehouse to huddle, or rarely mentioned from the monthly production meeting every week, all seem to tell us, Warehouses are a neglected part of manufacturing.

Why enterprise management must talk about warehouse? Where is the importance? 

As an enterprise management consultant, we talk about from what aspects to manage the warehouse from the height of management and management practice.

A warehouse, as the name suggests, is a place to put things. But the warehouse of manufacturing is very special, because the warehouse is the beginning of manufacturing, the beginning of raw materials, which means the beginning of the whole manufacturing process. Warehousing of finished products means the completion of the manufacturing process. The warehouse is the place where the manufacturing industry sees the whole process of production.

I've seen all kinds of warehouses as a consultant. Regardless of size and management, one thing that tends to be common is that warehouses are filled with tangible wealth. A large number of raw materials and huge capital backlog of finished products, semi-finished products tend to occupy most of the enterprise's working capital, often billions. It is no exaggeration to say that many enterprise warehouses are the location of the owner's wealth!

Warehouse, just ignored in the process of enterprise development, but often decide whether the whole production is smooth, the overall efficiency can be improved. This point is not taken seriously in many enterprises. Whether the incoming materials are timely, whether the materials are complete, whether the inventory is safe, whether the quality of accessories is qualified, whether the storage capacity is enough, whether the access is smooth and so on all affect the production of each link.

Since the humble, low status of the warehouse is so important, the management of the warehouse has become a subjectmust be faced! Working for more than ten years, I have experienced the arrangement of dozens of large and small warehouses and realized the tips of warehouse management. After mastering the tips, believe that you can also manage the warehouse, so what are the tips?

It fits

It's available

You can take it out

The account is consistent with the real thing

The scene is tidy

Focus on safety

Check often


It fits - Storage capacity planning

Storage capacity is often a headache. How to fit as much stuff as possible into a limited space?The first basic principle is that warehouse planning must be carried out according to the nature of products. Good planning can reserve storage space according to the storage of materials of different nature and specifications.

The second is to make full use of the warehouse walls, corners and other unremarkable space. Such as strip items, belts, saw blades, can be neatly hung against the wall of uncommon small items, concentrated into the storage box stored in the corner;

The third is to use shelves as far as possible, make full use of space, even some small density, light weight, volume of goods. For example, sponges can be stored in the top of the shelf with barbed wire compartments. And so on, all in scientific planning and use of appliances to make storage capacity as large as possible, storage efficiency as high as possible!

2.     It's available-Classification is clear

Whether you can quickly find the materials you need is the key factor of the efficiency of the whole warehouse management. Because the material of manufacturing industry is often variety and quantity are very much, similar material is also very much. In such cases, strict categorization is a good way to avoid errors. Distinguish the area according to different types of material. According to the material, size, different products and other standards to classify and clearly marked. This can be found at any time, at any time out of the warehouse into production and will not be mistaken, to improve production efficiency has a very positive significance!

3.     You can take it out-The channel is smooth

Maintaining smooth access to materials is the only way to efficient warehouse management! There should be reservation and planning in warehouse planning, and must be marked management, channel is not allowed to pile up any goods, block access.

4.     The account is consistent with the real thing-Quantity reliability

Minimize the human factor to make the warehouse account and the real thing match. At present, the better way is bar code management, similar to the materials of large supermarkets, tens of thousands of varieties, but the probability of error is very low, one of the reasons is to use bar code digital information management. This point is used in all warehouses. The equipment cost is not expensive, easy to operate. With the progress of society, there will even be unmanned warehouses, all robots and information.

5.     The scene is tidy- Focus on warehouse 5S

The 5S is one of the fundamental supports of modern industry, and for the warehouse, its function is similar to that of the production site.

6.     Focus on safety-Safety first

The first is thought, warehouse security problems are often the biggest factor is thought paralysis. But just thinking is not enough, must be put into action. Strict management system, warehouse facilities of all kinds of point inspection system implementation is also effective. Years of experience, the warehouse staff must meet every morning. Morning meeting the first thing is safety, only speak every day, and always remind to make safety awareness deeply rooted in people. So that the safety system and measures landing, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

7.     Check often-The implementation of the management

Want to warehouse to manage well, each institutional to implement well, only often check, not lazy.If you are worried about safety, you should check frequently. Worry about the material reserve is not enough, you should often check; If you worry about discrepancies, you should check them often. Worry about the normal operation of the warehouse Settings, you should check frequently. Inspection is the only way to implement management, but also an important means to manage the warehouse!

8.     Guarantee-Seamless docking

The role of the warehouse in the whole production chain is still the guarantee and service department. The work of the warehouse still revolves around production, so the docking with production departments has become an important work content of the warehouse management. Seamless communication, seamless system, seamless process, seamless information I believe we all know the docking methods of many warehouses and various departments, and even the use of information systems. Here only want to remind is, no matter which method is the person in operation, the person is the key factor, so, to do a good job in security, must first do a good job in communication, people, know-it-all!

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