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Welcome leaders from the open area to inspect our work

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Welcome leaders from the open area to inspect our work

On April 8, 2022, Liu Ke, deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone, accompanied by his entourage, visited Xi 'an Xin Sanming Company for a visit. Wang Weicche, chairman of the company, and Zhao Wanbao, deputy General Manager of the company gave warm hospitality. The chairman of the board expressed his gratitude for the long-term care and support of the economic development Zone and introduced the production status, product advantages and development of the enterprise in the park in detail. Then I will accompany you to inspect all work in the office area, production workshop, intelligent production workshop and assembly site, and have a detailed view of our company's personnel management, production safety, product quality and working process.

The leaders first came to the company's public office area to learn about the company's development process, managementbuy drive shaft with u joints - Xinsanming system and future development plan, and pointed out some suggestions and opinions, hoping that the company could get further improvement in the future development.

Then, accompanied by General Wang, came to the company's production workshop for investigation. Mr. Zhao explained to the leaders the whole production line half shaft production processing, production and assembly process, under the leadership of the production personnel, we from product raw materials, blank, welding, lathe processing, milling spline to the final assembly into storage such a complete process, to understand the birth of a half shaft. The whole process was filled with curiosity, which added some interest to the expedition. The whole process of production was highly commended by the delegation.

Later, the leaders came to the intelligent production workshop to understand and consult our products. Walking into the intelligent production base, advanced automatic production equipment and wide and orderly workshop, let the leaders praise each other. Under the leadership of production personnel, we visited the company's production workshop, technical workshop, assembly workshop, from product raw materials, production to testing packing, labeling and packaging. In the production workshop, the leaders saw how the intelligent online half-shaft products were produced, and in the assembly workshop, they had a deeper understanding of the assembly, labeling and sealing of products.

After visiting the workshop, the leaders of each district praised the environment and advanced equipment of our production base, and affirmed and assured the products produced by Xin Sanming. He said that the zone has officially released the action plan for the development of the "Four New strategies", embarking on a new journey of "opening up a new portal, an engine for scientific innovation, a new industrial highland and a new urban center". Director Liu Ke hopes that the enterprise will speed up development and achieve greater benefits under the new situation. At the same time, we hope that Xin Sanming will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase investment in scientific research, improve independent innovation capacity, and pay attention to the creation, protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights. Finally, the leaders of the district had a detailed understanding of the company's project progress, project quality control, schedule and other aspects, and exchanged views with the chairman of the company, Wang Weiche. And hope that the Xin Sanming will continue to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, improve the position in the industry, to promote regional economic development and intelligent production cause to make greater contributions.

At the end of the inspection, the leaders of the district also made in-depth and detailed comments on the factory's management and production work, and highly affirmed our organizational management, safety measures and product quality. Emphasize to further strengthen the safety training to the staff, improve the consciousness of safety in production, establish and perfect the responsibility system of safety in production, and maintain safety in production. Director Liu Ke also suggested that the office and production workshop more about the work process, safety awareness of the logo, and do a good job of safety, quality publicity. And I hope that our factory in the continuous improvement of production technology at the same time, strict focus on product quality, constantly improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises, in promoting local economic development at the same time, play the role of promoting Chinese culture.

Several leaders also carried on the life relationship and encouragement to the company's employees, hoping that we can continue to maintain a good working state, and make persistent efforts to do better, for the company and for their own greater benefits and better honor.  

Several leaders completed the inspection and guidance work under the warm send-off of the employees.

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