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When the universal joint fails, and what should we do?

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Cause and treatment of centered universal joint shaft

The fault of transmission shaft universal joint is mainly the journal and bearing wear and bending deformation of the journal, resulting in thecentered universal joint shaft company-Xinsanming center line of each axis of the cross shaft is not on the same plane, or the center line of the two adjacent axes is not vertical. Because the universal joint cross shaft journal and bearing wear clearance is too large, the cross shaft in operation to produce shaking, so that the transmission shaft center line deviates from its rotating center line, so that the transmission shaft vibration phenomenon and the operation of the transmission shaft abnormal sound phenomenon. Wear is mainly caused by lack of lubrication.

Universal joint cross shaft journal and bearing wear, from the use of the situation should not exceed 0.02 ~ 0.13mm, generally kept at about 0.01mm. If more than 0.13mm, the transmission shaft vibration and sound phenomenon. If the cross shaft journal wear groove, groove and deep should be repaired or replaced. If using surfacing and insert repair, but also for heat treatment and grinding. After processing, it is required that the roundness of each journal should be 0.01mm and the taper should not be large (20mm length should not be greater than 0.01mm). To check the perpendicularity of two adjacent axes, be sure they are perpendicular. The axis of each journal shall be in the same plane after processing and repairing.

When the vehicle is driving, the torque is transmitted in the same direction, so is the force direction of the cross shaft. Over time, resulting in unilateral wear of the journal of the cross shaft, with the passage of time, the stress side of the cross shaft will increase wear, grooves, so that the loose and loose sound. You can extend the service time by rotating the cross shaft 90° relative to the original position. When assembling, attention should be paid to the side of the nozzle towards the drive shaft, and the universal joint fork should rotate freely on the cross shaft. There should be no lag phenomenon, and there should be no axial clearance. Grease should be frequently injected in normal maintenance to prevent the wear of cross shaft journal and bearings due to the lack of grease.

To prevent off bottom of centered universal joint shaft

The bottom of the cross shaft needle roller bearing bowl is mainly because: U-bolts are screwed too tightly, exceeding the specified torque; Improper tightening operation method of U-bolt (it is forbidden to tighten one end of the u-bolt and then screw the other end of the nut) makes the U-bolt and the cross shaft bearing bowl contact surface poor, local force broken. In the maintenance and repair of the cross shaft, if the bearing bowl bottom groove is mistaken for the positioning groove that limits the rotation of the bearing bowl, and the fork positioning boss is stuck in the bottom groove of the bearing bowl, It will cause the axial clearance of the cross shaft to increase 3Inm(the maximum normal fit is only allowed within 0.20mlN), so the axial momentum of the cross shaft increases, and the impact of centrifugal force, so that the drive shaft assembly loses dynamic balance, vibration, bearing steel bowl is also easy to damage. In addition, the needle roller bearing missing needle, hairpin, etc., will also make it early damage.

Regular maintenance should often check the technical condition of cross shaft bearings; Repair to avoid the small convex forked flange semicircular hole stuck in the bearing bowl at the bottom of the groove (the production of Dongfeng motor has cancelled the bearing bowl end groove); U-bolts should be tightened symmetrically according to the specified torque and inspected frequently.

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