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Why do growing manufacturing enterprises need informatization more? 

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ERP software to achieve information transformation has become an important way for most modern enterprises to develop newcustom cardan shaft - Xinsanming space, but some enterprises still have many misunderstandings for ERP. Many people think that fast growing enterprises do not need to launch ERP system, in fact, it is not true. Growth enterprises develop quickly in the early stage, focusing more on business, and lack of institutional norms in internal management, which is easy to cause the failure of efficiency and decision-making errors. Especially the growing enterprises in the manufacturing industry need to realize informatization quickly.

1. Development pain points of growth-oriented manufacturing enterprises:

1)Lack of data support for decision analysis;

The traditional mode of manual data collection and document processing is limited and error-prone. Besides, data processing stays at the record level and lacks systematic analysis, which may cause misjudgment in decision-making.

2)Insufficient effectiveness of inter-departmental collaboration;

The inter-department business execution process is not standardized, clear, and inefficient, and the business data transparency is low and information is blocked.

3)There is a fault in the connection between industry and finance;

Business and financial data are not unified, financial back check is difficult, it is difficult to correct non-standard business operations, there are non-compliance risks, and the traditional accounting mode is time-consuming, low accuracy, error prone.

4) Data management across the enterprise is chaotic;

Material, product and other data classification is chaotic, customer, supplier information is not perfect, data maintenance is not unified, resulting in the loss of the overall enterprise database.

5) There are loopholes in compliance constraints;

In the early stage of rapid development, enterprises focus on business improvement and neglect to improve business compliance, which will affect the follow-up long-term development.

2. ERP assists growing manufacturing enterprises to realize informatization

ERP software is an important way of enterprise informatization transformation in the current market. It can assist enterprises to implement the integration of industry and finance, effectively improve the compliance of management, enhance the degree of digitalization of enterprise management, and achieve fine production.

1)Improve the end-to-end process from application to order control, optimize procurement management;

2)Implement systematization of sales management; develop process standards of consulting quotation, contract orders, delivery, etc.

3)Integrate production, supply and marketing and other business processes to achieve the full life cycle management from production demand, plan, process to completion;

4)Realize the integration of industry and finance, provide enterprises with general ledger management, cost accounting, consolidated statements and other functions, real-time understanding of financial status, optimize fund management;

5)Strengthen quality control, track and record the whole process of materials, products in and out of storage;

3. What areas does ERP support?

ERP systems will help you in many areas of enterprise management. These include: production planning, document flow management, project and supply chain management, accounting and finance, human resources and payroll management, marketing and sales, and creating reports and analysis. No matter what module we use to create our software, ERP's unique advantage is that it is an integrated system. This means that data entered into the system can be used by employees in many departments. For example, if you enter customer orders into the system in sales, in production, such orders are the basis for planning production orders. This solution avoids subsequent employee reentry of information. Because of this, we save time, avoid mistakes, and automate our work. Employees can get information faster and know where to find it every time. In addition, managers get standardized data during the analysis and drawing conclusions for the future. This greatly simplifies reporting and speeds up decision making.

4. Why ERP system means security?

ERP systems currently serve as an extra pair of hands to help companies. It is difficult to calculate all the benefits of implementing an ERP system in a company. The software will automatically focus on important dates, such as when a company car inspection or employee rights end. For manufacturers, it protects them from the resource side and allows them to meet demand and keep inventory to a minimum. Otherwise, we cannot maintain the continuity of production, and excessive inventory will incur unnecessary storage costs.

The ERP system will help us find the weaknesses of the company and come up with the best solution based on the data collected, that is, where to increase profits and by what percentage. In addition, due to the ERP program, we are guaranteed to operate in accordance with the latest laws and regulations in specific countries. Accounting is also simpler and safer when we check directly in the system whether our contractors are VAT payers.

5. What are the benefits of an ERP system?

To sum up, ERP system is irreplaceable in integrating many daily processes of every company. With them, we work faster and more efficiently, eliminating all so-called bottlenecks. With fewer risks and errors, they greatly increase profits. Based on the conclusions of the current activities, it is possible to improve the quotation and improve the quality of customer service. Thanks to the growth of mobile and cloud services, ERP supports business owners, managers and employees while performing professional responsibilities around the world.

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