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Working principle of automobile gearbox

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1. Manual transmission structure drawing and working principle

Manual transmission is mainly composed of gears and shafts, which produce variable speed and torque through different gear combinations. Thesingle double universal joint wheel drive shaft for sale - Xinsanming automatic transmission AT is composed of hydraulic torsional converter, planetary gear and hydraulic control system, which can achieve speed change and torque change through the way of hydraulic transmission and gear combination.

The hydraulic torque converter is the most characteristic part of AT. It is composed of pump wheel, turbine and regulating wheel, which directly input the engine power to transfer torque and clutch. The pump wheel and turbine are a working pair. They are like two fans placed opposite each other. The wind from one active fan spins the blades of the other passive fan. If you replace air with a liquid as a medium for transferring kinetic energy

The pump wheel rotates the turbine through the liquid, and a regulating wheel is inserted between the pump wheel and the turbine to improve the efficiency of the liquid transfer. Since the automatic speed and torque variation range of the hydraulic torque converter is not large enough and the efficiency is low, several rows of planetary gears are connected in series behind the turbine to improve the efficiency. The hydraulic control system will automatically manipulate the planetary gears as the engine changes, so as to realize the automatic shift.

2. Working principle of AT gearbox

AT the working principle of the gearbox is actually in a space that is filled with hydraulic oil assembly two turbine blades, and power input, output, respectively AT the connection, is through the principle of fluid mechanics in between the two blades for power transformation, namely through power impeller AT the input to produce a strong eddy current to drive the output of the impeller, so as to realize the power, It is this way that reduces transmission efficiency and increases fuel consumption, and the more extreme the refueling door, the lower the transmission efficiency.

3. Manual automatic transmission structure diagram and principle, mainly schematic diagram

In the structure, the manual transmission is mainly composed of ordinary gear box (and manual transmission), electronic control clutch, automatic shiftcustom cardan axle drive shaft - Xinsanming control mechanism and electronic control part. The function of the electronic control clutch is to separate, engage or "hang" the clutch automatically according to the need. When working, the transmission ECU controls the stepper motor to push the clutch fork to separate or engage the clutch. The function of the automatic shift control mechanism is to automatically hang into the corresponding gear position according to the need. Generally, two stepper motors are set up, which are controlled by the transmission ECU. The shift lever is similar to that of a normal automatic transmission and there is no clutch pedal. The work of the transmission is actually the use of automatic control part to simulate the manual shift work, normal driving and hydraulic automatic transmission is no difference, but when parking, the clutch is separated, so if parked on the ramp, must step on the brake, otherwise it will slip the car. If the use of manual mode, will feel like driving hand shift car, power is very direct, but also the need to step on the clutch action, and do not need a first gear to add or remove gear, can jump.

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